Thursday 8 March 2012

#R2BC - Week 10, Snuggles, Blog Makeover and Spring

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart 

Happy Thursday!  How are you today?

Short and sweet, here are the things making me cheerful right now -
  1. I ran my first solo development workshop on Tuesday and it went well.  The participants seemed happy and I felt content, so I'll just await the evaluations for the final comments.
  2. The superb Liz at Violet Posy is redesigning my blog at the moment.  The big reveal won't be until some time in April but I am excited, the snippets I have seen so far are good.  It all feels a bit scary but good scary!
  3. Dh has been away for a couple of days and I missed him, it was nice to have him back in my bed last night.
  4. I am looking forward to a chilled weekend - nothing on Saturday (well actually Miss E and I have a date with the play doh) and then off to Duxford air museum with the Cubs on Sunday and maybe I'll talk dh into a nice dinner somewhere on the way home!
  5. I am loving the relationship my little ladies have with each other at the moment, just look at them -

I also asked the kids what was making them cheerful right now and here is what they said -
  1. JJ - A great night at Cubs, we played some wicked games.
  2. Miss E - my new glitter glue pens, 'I can make you a pretty picture Mummy'.
  3. Miss M - Popcorn and snuggles with you Mummy.
and finally from dh, his gut response to my question of what has made him cheerful today - 'coming home'.  Great minds think alike. He then pondered some more and decided it was because spring was on its way and he had some extra helpers at cubs.

Over to you.  It is that same questions as always.  What is making you feel cheerful/ grateful at the moment?  Write a post and link up.  Leave some comment love here and I'll be sure to come visit you.  Leave some comment love on some of the other blogs and brighten someones day.  Last week we were back to our hardcore members after all the joiners in Jan/ Feb, we'll see what this week holds.  Don't forget to tweet your posts with #R2BC and I'll try and RT all tweets this week.

Enjoy your weekends, Be blessed.  Mich x

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