Friday 9 March 2012

I See You...

I woke this morning and saw You in the gentle breath on my face,
the warmth of Miss M as she slept in my embrace.

I went to wake my other daughter and I saw You there too,
as perfect Miss E reached up to kiss me good morning and ensure I was not blue.

Downstairs I went into the chores of the day and then into my big boys room,
where he was snoozing soundly and I saw You there as I kissed him from his tomb.

My drive to work was peaceful and I felt Your loving embrace,
as I anticipated the day ahead and marvelled at Your grace.

This landmark day in my new job sailed past without event,
well thank Heavens for that, as I've given chocolate up for Lent!

Back some hours later and the kids have gone to bed,
and yet again I see you and find you in my head.
Today I woke and sought You and to my joy You were there,
everywhere I looked there were glimpses of Your care.

When I remember to seek You I am never let down,
If only I remembered to do it every day then my face would never frown.

How I love you Father and wish to serve You here,
my time on earth has purpose when I keep You near.

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