Thursday 22 March 2012

#R2BC - Blog Design, Mothers Day & Ill Kids Edition (Week 12)

Happy sunny Thursday. I hope it is as lovely where you are as it is here. It makes a real difference to my mood when the sun is shining and I can get the washing hung out on the line…. They say it is the little things that make all the difference - I agree!

It is a bumper week this week. I am have so many reasons to be happy and I expect if you have been here before the first one is pretty obvious and you might even have thought ‘ohh’ as you loaded up my page.

  1. Yes, finally my blog has had its makeover, the one I have wanted for a year but not got round to sorting. I hope you’ll agree that the design is pretty triumphant. I was really lucky to be able to engage Liz at Violet Posy Design to make it over for me, she is a phenomenal blog designer and I would happily recommend working with her, she is very accommodating and delightful.
  2. Also, I am still cheery for Mothers Day. I know I should be past that now and it is gone but I had such a lovely simple day and I felt absolutely loved - It is a wonderful feeling. When I got up I got shouted at by both my girls to return to bed as they were doing breakfast for me. So I went to read a book and Daddy took them downstairs to cook scrambled eggs and mushrooms on toast and make me a nice cuppa.
    What was really special was that dh got all 3 kids involved in the preparation, JJ even cooked my eggs and he felt so grown up. I got given handmade cards and presents and I loved them, they will be treasured forever, the coasters that school helped the kids make are superb. Once breakfast was finished JJ got into bed for a cuddle and then got his book, so we sat in companionable silence for the next hour and read. Until the girls came and jumped in bed with us and the four of us snuggled and played under the covers - such simple fun.

    The rest of the day was divine too with a friend being over and dh looking after us both cooking and sorting the house and kids. My girls were just little treasures, I constantly got wished happy mothers day and asked if I was enjoying my day and being told that they love me. I actually thought to myself at one point and dh and I have done alright with our kids they were really willing to put my needs before their own and to make a special day for me.

  3. Then today as I write my girls are off ill from school. It would be so easy to let this be a downer. I had plans to work today and I need silence to do the job, there is a tight timeline and not being able to work is not ideal but hey, my girls seem much perkier now than they did early this morning, their temperatures have gone down and they are playing lovely together. Today has turned out to be the chilled Saturday that we will not get to have this week.

  4. The reason being that we are off to Paultons Park on Saturday to experience their new Magma ride, and of course Paultons park is home to Peppa Pig World so all my kids will be over the moon, especially as we are going with my brother and staying the weekend at Nanny and Granddad’s. It will be a shame to leave dh home but work calls and I know we will all have an amazing time.

I could go on and on but that is enough for now. I won’t bore you.

So it is over to you, write a cheery post, share what is making you happy, cheerful, blessed right now and link up. Visit some of the others who link up and leave them some blog love and I am sure they will do the same. I can’t promise to visit everyone this week as time just may not allow but I’ll do what I can.

Enjoy your week, be blessed. Mich x

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