Friday 23 September 2011

Multiples Mayhem Carnival

Multiples Mayhem Carnival at Mummy with a Heart

A bit later than advertised but I have got here.  Finally with a moment to sit down after my very busy week, I have some time to read all the posts submitted for the carnival and what a great evening it has been.

I give you the superb posts from the twin mums of twitter!

We have some newer boggers joining us this time, which is lovely and I'm gonna start you off with a goodie.  Rebecca at Here Come The Girls has posted her highs and lows of having twins. If you have twins older than a year this will be a walk down memory lane for you, the pictures are gorgeous and all those memories of tiny twinnies sleeping together, holding hands and making each other chuckle all came flooding back to me.  Beautiful!

So how many of us have daughters?  Quite a few I think, in fact everyone as far as I can make out except the lovely Karen who has all those handsome boys to look after. So here is a scary thought... we could all become grandmothers of twins, agghh.  There we were thinking that once this batch was done we could rest and actually we may be helping out in the future! Those of us with non-ID twins at least.  They do tend to follow in the family and that is because we pass our ovulation legacy onto our daughters, so us super smart woman that release 2 eggs make more super smart woman who release 2 eggs.  I am not sure whether to be proud or running scared!  Troubles' Mum shares with us an interesting part of her family history as she finds out where her twins came from.

Debbie at Johnson Babies shares with us a post about the items she would recommend as essentials when you have twins. Her twinnies still share a cot at 8 months (and there is a gorgeous piccie of them sharing) and this has worked due to sleep positioners - who even knew such things existed - not me! lol
This summer has been an important one for Mari over at Mari's World, her little twinnies were getting ready to go to pre-school in September and to say they were not impressed with that idea was an understatement.  Watch Mari's vlog and get some great advice from her sister-in-law who is a nursery teacher. Then not to leave us hanging we have the follow up post letting us know how her girls got on for their first day. Do tell us Mari, has it continued this well, are they all settled in now?

After reading Kerry at Multiple Mummy's post I had a massive smile on my face.  She sums up so well how hard is is have three little ones and how life can feel as if it is swallowing you up. Luckily Kerry had a knight in shining armour come and save her over the summer.  Welcome back to the world of big smiles Kerry.

Heather at Young and Younger has blogged about a subject which is obviously close to her heart.  Did you use the Baby Led Weaning method with your twinnies?  She would love to hear about your experiences.

Karen at All About the Boys is a bit of a cheat really, her post is not really a twins post but all her boys are so gorgeous and I like seeing snippets of her house too, so she manages to sneak in to the carnival! This post is a lovely idea and one I may just have to nick.

I better not forget to add in a post from me, had I?  My recent twins inspired post was about recognising my twinnies as individuals.  The girls are now just over 4 years, in full time school and have just separated bedrooms - ohh my big girls!

Before I close this carnival down, I need to go in search of one more post.  This time around our very own twin mummy comedian has not entered a post, so not to be defeated, I'll just add one in anyway! Here Jane at Northern Mum shares with us why she is so excited!

So there we go, just enough to last you about two cuppas!  Read and enjoy....  (oh and don't forget to comment too, everyone loves a good comment).

So who is next then?  Let's get the Multiples Mayhem Carnival on the road again.  Do we have a takers who'd like to host in October/ November?  Leave a comment and we will sort it out.

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