Tuesday 8 March 2011

The Parenting Grass is Always Greener!

Today I discovered that I could seriously have enjoyed just having two children.  With JJ at school how easy was it to have just one pre-schooler with me?  I don't think you need me to actually answer that question, do you?

Life is really different when I just have Miss E, she is a calm and content child who is easy to have around and still good fun.  With her twin being looked after at nursery we were able to go to my work for a couple of hours, do some shopping, get the car washed, have a play at home, tidy up and I got to have some PC time while she napped - all in the name of chickenpox!  Can I complain?  No not really, yes I will need to make the time up for work but blah...  no problem.

Now do not get me wrong I am not wishing Miss M away.  I could never be without my vivacious mini minx.  She is the one that can make me blow from 0 -10 in under a second.  She has most definitely been sent to help me to learn to be a better person and parent and Miss E is my reward for that personal growth.

A moment of parenting calm at MFTH...  House, Just a moment mind!

It struck me as we scooted to school (yes me too) to collect JJ that as parents we always think the grass is greener.  When I had my twins I longed for just one baby at times so I could breath and be able to do the 'normal' things with a babe, but then I know how blessed I am to have two small people who love each other and play together so nicely.

I also today, dreamt about how fab it would be if I did not have to work, I could then potter around at home every day and do those little annoying jobs, like sort the CD's for the car.  Would I get bored of this very quickly as I would have to entertain 2 small people for vast amounts of time?  Yes, my realistic head says that I love being able to work and using my lunchbreak to get to the gym, catch up on the blog, have a cuppa with a friend and I also enjoy the stimulation of using my brain and the thrill of getting paid for it.

I think I am just a dreamer and that every scenario, except the one I am in feels like it has so many positives that I ought to try it.  Luckily I am also a realist and before I jump in, I think things through and know that the grass is most certainly not greener.  In a moment of clarity I posted recently about being a lucky bitch and actually I still stand by this.  I do have the perfect balance in my life but that does not stop me dreaming...

What about you?  Dreamer or realist?  Or bit of both like me?
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