Friday 25 March 2011

Flashback Friday - Mich, Queen of Hip Hop?

There I was this afternoon minding my own business on Twitter when all of a sudden I got an email notification to say I had a new follower on Twitter (I so must turn those off, what a waste of virtual paper!) and my jaw dropped when it said Eric B and Rakim was following me. That may mean absolutely nothing to you but if like me, back in the late 1980's you were into the Hip Hop music scene and hung around with the a group of ‘beat boys’ that would mean fair bit! Recall the song Paid in Full? That was probably my favourite from them ‘This is a journey into sound…..’ I am humming away right now, much to dh’s annoyance.

I have no idea why I got a follow from them; maybe they are physic and knew that I used to love all this type of music. Oh come on, alright then I do actually still really like this kind of music. I am so old skool! I used to be there with my crew carrying a piece of lino around and a can of furniture polish, while one of the boys had the beat box. No I did not do all the dancing; I had no talent in that area. I was just there to support from the side-lines and get off with the boys! (Sorry Mum)

My memories from this time are pretty vivid; these really were my formative years from about age 13 – 16.
  • you could find me wearing Adidas or Nike shiny satin zip up tracksuit top in the brightest colours possible, costing a small fortune and all the better if it was a rare one imported from the US!
  • Nike trainers with fluorescent parts or wide laces
  • Sasperilla Jeans
  • Big gold hoop earrings
  • Hair that was far too big, back combed fringes with a ton of hair spray!
  • The boys spraying tags onto any surface they could find
  •  A black leather belt with big gold buckle that said 'Sexy'.  Ohh yes I had the look!
  • Breakdance the movie
So after this reminiscing I had to find you a photo and share as most people will not know this little nugget from my past. When I revealed before on a forum I was part of that I used to be into this type of thing, the women all pissed themselves. Apparently this does not fit with my wholesome image.

OMG, how much mascara Mich?  and that hair??

If I recall rightly, I was doing a 'dying fly!'
Linking up with Karin  at Cafe Bebe for the first time...
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