Monday 21 March 2011

Just call me Tired & Run Down Mummy!

It's official I am very run down at the moment. The doctor today told me I am tired and run-down, oh and I have a case of persistent bronchitis hence becoming run down!

About 4 weeks ago I got anti-biotics as I was coughing, wheezing and spitting water over colleagues at work (yes, yes, just do not ask, first day in a new job, they make me laugh ad I manage to spray the woman whose job I am taking over, will they let me live this down???  no it appears not! All their fault you understand, they should not make a woman laugh so hard when she has a mouth full of water and can hardly breath) and basically the infection never went away.  I have been insisting to dh that I am fine and it would get better soon but it has not, so after feeling just terrible this morning I toddled off to the local drop in medical centre and received anti-biotics and a puffer to help me.

Oh and I was told to rest up for a week.  Rest, I said to her with a 3 year old who is suffering very badly with chickenpox (hence my posting at this time of night, we are downstairs and have a sofa each, watching DIY programmes, the only thing I can find at midnight suitable for 3 year viewing!). She smiled sweetly and told me we could relax and be poorly together - oh goody, that will get my work done!

Whoops, poor attitude slipped in there. With a kick up the bum from my more positive self I will see this week as a chance to relax and get well.  No work, no running round, no kids coming to tea, no nothing.  Just lots of TV watching and snuggling with my babes.

Let the getting well commence...

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