Monday 21 March 2011

Beautiful Silver Jewellery for Mothers Day

So with Mothers Day fast approaching what will you be giving your Mum on April 3rd? or even what will your children be giving you?

I know the answer to one of those questions so far.  As for my gorgeous Mum, I am not quite sure yet and to be honest she reads this blog so even if I did know it would not be getting published. The exciting thing is what lovely pressies have my children got for me!

Here is a sneaky preview. They have now been re wrapped and Daddy has stashed them away to pretend that he chose them for me on behalf of the kids.  Little do they know that Mummy got to choose her own treat and didn't I do well?

Both pieces of jewellery are hand crafted at a studio in Brighten by the company Scarlett Jewellery.  Take a look at the site, they do the most amazing pieces, I am about to start hinting for a bracelet next! What I really loved is that because the pieces are hand crafted they are truly unique.  The comfort studs I received are just slightly asymmetrical and this adds a quirky charm to them.  The earrings retail at £30.00 and I love their classic simplicity.  If you prefer something a little different there are some lovely styles, the pair of angel wings stood out to me.

The necklace is called spoons and I chose the Mother and Baby option. Sarah Fenton, the designer says the collection is symbolic of family devotion - nurturing and protecting your loved ones, inspired by the 'spooning' effect of adults embraced around one another and their child.  Isn't that just a lovely visual picture? and now I am able to wear this beautiful reminder of my relationship with my hubbie and children every day. The retail price of the necklace is £69.00 and it is worth every penny.  I am totally satisfied with my purchases. The necklace chain is a good weight, it is still pretty and feminine but has enough weight that I feel happy it will not break if one of my little ones tugs it. The spooning rings were also heavier than I expected and they sit just perfectly on the skin, nestling into each other.

I ordered the jewellery on Monday and it arrived by Royal Mail registered post on Friday.  The items were perfectly packaged for safe travel and upon unpacking I was pleased with the time taken to make sure my present looked special. Beautiful monogrammed charcoal grey box with scarlett coloured outer box and there was a silver cloth and thank you card included.

If you are stuck for ideas for mother day or want to hint to your other half then do go and take a look. I recommend that you investigate the popular mojos or there is a whole equestrian range if horses are your thing.

This is a  review post, I was given a credit for £50.00 to choose something to review.  My husband paid the rest for my Mothers day gift. I was not instructed what to write, my views are honest and my words are my own.
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