Sunday 2 January 2011

Stop Whinging and Start Working!

I caught myself today....... and I am pleased to say I stopped myself! It is not pretty, nor grown up, nor necessary!  Therefore, I refuse to do it.  My new mantra for this year, for me and for anyone else out there who feels hard done by is to stop whinging and start working!  Work hard, real hard and you can get whatever your heart desires.  I truly believe that....  and if whatever you are after you can not seem to achieve then it was obviously not meant to be and you should just accept it with good grace!  Do not waste your energy on negative emotions, channel it into work.

Any idea what I am on about?  No, well let me enlighten you.

Sometimes I find myself feeling a little down, feeling a bit hard done by and as if I have had the rough part of the deal when it comes to blogging.  I start wondering why others get the invites to days out, why they get tons of toys or why they get more visitors than I do. Ever have those horrid little thoughts pop up - but their blog is crap? they sell themselves out to anyone? their attitude stinks!  my page rank is higher than theirs? blah, blah, blah.....

So today I had a good think about this and guess what I came up with?

Those with popular blogs or those who get all the invites and great reviews work hard at their blogs, bloody hard!  Some have been blogging a long time, some are great copy writers as they are/were journalists, some have great wit, some people have that special magnetic personality, some have started fab weekly memes that everyone can join in with, some start forums, some start conferences.  All these things do not come easy (well maybe the wit and personality are just part and parcel of them) they have been worked at over a period of time and yes there might have been the odd lucky break.  They may have known another popular blogger who recommended them, or tweeted them or something along those lines but that is life. Get over it!

What good will it do if I or anyone else for that matter (as I know there are tons of you out there who feel this same way, I have seen your grumbling tweets and posts) whinge and whine about the injustice of a handful of people being used again and again by the brands?  Absolutely nothing, we will just promote our negative selves and people will not want to visit us any more. I have no desire to become known as Moaning Mich!

So for this year (at least!) I pledge a serious lack of whinging and whining on Mummy From The Heart... and @michelletwinmum. Anyone else want to join me....?  Let's all work hard.  Promote others, spread that bloggy love, give people links, send readers their way and work, work, work.  Write great copy, keep it relevant and interesting and do not be scared to reveal yourself, the real self.  Not just a persona that you think a more popular blogger may like.  Use your own original voice and be proud of who you are. I am! 

My name is Mich and I rock!

Who are you?
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