Monday 17 January 2011

Fancy Knowing 7 New Things About Me?

I can tell January has arrived.  Any idea why? because I have received an award as part of a meme!  Last year when I first came to blogging in January I took part in a few meme's and I remember the thrill of completing them.  I was so chuffed to have been nominated for an award and lets be honest, this is only my second January so I still feel pretty chuffed.  Except now I am supposed to be a seasoned blogger and be past all that sort of thing.  Yea, right!  Thank you Carol from New Mummy for tagging me.  I would love to think of myself as a Stylish Blogger.

As with all meme's this one comes with some rules.  I have to reveal 7 things to you that you do not already know about me.  My first thought is that this sounds like a nightmare, I am pretty open so what else is there to bare....  right lets give it a try -
  1. My middle name is Dawn and I do not like it (sorry to all the Dawn's out there).  I was named Dawn as I was born at 6am and I think that is a nice reason with good meaning but I still dislike the name!
  2. I have only ever slept with 3 men (is that too much information - are you running away now?). One was a nightmare and I may tell that story on here one day, one I thought I loved and one I still do love very much.
  3. I am 37 years old and I still suck my thumb! Only sometimes, when I am tried and never in public.  It is not something I am proud of but I know at least 5 other grown women who do the same! Gosh this is like therapy!
  4. It is 11pm (Sunday) when I am writing this and I have had over 820 page views on my blog today.  Tell me that is good - I am thrilled!
  5. I have owned 5 cars in my life - 4 Ford fiestas (all bought from new) and my current Toyota.  If I had not of had 3 kids I might have had fiesta's forever, I appear to be a creature of habit.
  6. When I was young I thought I had the talent to be a professional artist.  Luckily I gained some perspective and outgrew that!
  7. I did not learn to swim properly until I was 18 and on my first foreign holiday with my boyfriend. As such my kids will have swim lessons and learn from an early age.  I do not have enough talent to teach them but it is such a valuable and enjoyable skill
and that's the 7!  I think you have learnt enough there!

I am supposed to tag another 15 bloggers to take part in this meme (wow, how many?).  So here goes, I am going to try and tag new (and newish, within last 6 months) bloggers so they can hopefully feel that thrill I did last year. So here are their twitter ID's and linked as their blogs - go take a look and share some blogger love with these newbies.

Go read, Enjoy!! Mich x
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