Wednesday 12 January 2011

A Year Walked in my Shoes...

I have gained so many new readers in the last month or two, so I thought you might like to know a bit more about me and my bloggy journey, so this is my walk through 2010.  A year in my shoes if you like!  You'll see, none of them are too glamorous but that is OK as I do not aim to be a glamour puss...

The month of January was a very cold one and I was glad of my nice new brown riding boots.  A January sale bargain, just what I like!  This was the month that I decided to be brave and to open my blog up for public viewing.... little did I know what I was doing! I wrote about what I wanted to achieve in 2010 and feel really good to know that I did and this was also the month when I shared with you dear readers about my eating disorder.

In February I got motivated to go to the gym, which was great but it was a real up and down month for me in regards to blogging.  In early February I said thank you to some amazing bloggers who had inspired me as I started my journey but by mid-Feb I was feeling completely disheartened when I did not make it into a blogging carnival.  I had a moment of clarity when I knew I had got too involved in this blogging lark and I gave it all up for Lent, staying away for just over 6 weeks.

So in March, I lived my life - played with my kids, went to the park, had time with dh and thoroughly recharged my batteries!

April comes and we head off on holiday to Spring Harvest at Butlins and have an amazing family time. I am still on bloggy break and find that once Easter passes I am not that desperate to come back...  until I have some unexpected news to share - I'm Pregnant. Sadly it was not to be and I was back blogging just a few days later at 11 weeks pregnant, that actually I had lost my babe and had a missed miscarriage.

May, I throw myself into my work and think about how every bad situation has led to something positive in my life and I was not proud of myself when I made my little man cry, but it was necessary.                                                                                      

In June I asked you dear readers to help me get some perspective on my life - was it just too busy?  The answer seemed to be yes and I am pleased to say I have been remembering this ever since. Dh and I enjoyed a weekend away on our own - bliss! At this point I recall being amazed how my blog had grown from 2 readers to 53 subscribed and I posted to thank all my lovely new bloggy friends from abroad, particularly Australia and New Zealand.

July saw my girls 3rd Birthday and a super family holiday to Dorset.  I came to terms that I am a good enough parent and made a breakthrough in my recovery from my miscarriage. JJ and I also had a funny little conversation about Sex.

By mid August I was at 79 readers and still enjoying the thrill that came with my blog growing more popular. I had a fun night away with some twin mummy friends and wrote a post in response to it entitled:  Tell me am I stuck up my own arse? I got 27 comments (my most ever at that point) on a post which took seconds to do and I really felt part of the blogging community.

I shared the tale of how I lost my smile in September and I also wrote a post entitled: Sold out about the fact that I was now taking sponsored posts and review opportunities and that all money I make from blogging goes to fantastic causes such as Compassion and Hope for the Nations.

In October JJ met the Child Psychologist to start the process to assess if he has a special need such as Aspergers. We are still none the wiser! I also asked the question 'Does my 3 year old really need a DS?'  Quite a few people had something to say on this!

November was a great bloggy month, my blog had really taken of, I was listed in the Tots 100 at position 117 and had about 160 followers.  All my posts got regular comments and I was enjoying Twitter.  My how things change. This month I wrote one of my hardest posts ever, about being a child bully.

The December the year ended beautifully.  I had the idea to start the new Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 meme in January (which has been an overwhelming success - thank you). I held my first Multiples Mayhem carnival and had a very popular entry myself. I also invoke a bit of debate when I ask the question why Mums need to label themselves?

So 2010 - that was the year.....  sadly of the miscarriage but also the year that I achieved all my goals for the year, ie: falling in love with my hubbie again and spending time with my family.  It was also positively the year that blogging became a massive part of my life and I came to a comfortable place.

I am sat here today with 204 goggle followers, over 290 feed subscribers, a separate review blog, listed 51 in the Wikio parenting list, listed 117 in the TOTs 100 index, my facebook page has 118 fans and I am getting in excess of 550 page views some days.

I am happy! and I hope you are too.  Thanks for joining me on my journey, it means a lot to have you here by my side.  Mich x
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