Monday 24 January 2011

The Horrid Henry of Twins!

Have you ever watched the TV show or read one of the Horrid Henry books with your kids?  I have, JJ is at 'that' age and he really loves it.  Then because he loves it, the twins are also starting to love it but no more, a ban has been put on watching Horrid Henry in this house.  I was doing really well and was very strict, no CBBC or CITV for the girls and then of late I have loosened up a bit but no more...

I am pretty sure it is not from watching the TV, all the signs have been there for a long time but she needs no encouragement. You see, we actually have a little Horrid Henry in our family and come to think of it, we also have a perfect Peter too!

Miss M can most definitely be likened to Horrid Henry, she is the most willful 3 year old I have ever come across. This child is extremely clever and not just in an intelligence way, she is street savvy too, knowing how to wind people up in a blink of an eye.  I mean why listen to your parents when you obviously know best?  but then go to school and behave like a perfect angel.  So many people upon meeting her comment that she is the minxy one and has a naughty twinkle in her eye and they are completely right.

I was against this good twin, bad twin idea when they were little.  Why stereotype them into being something that they are not? but I can not fight it anymore, they are. We do have a 'naughty' one! Dh and I often laugh to ourselves once all the kids are in bed about how challenging she has been and what a suck up Miss E can be. 'I'm your good girl, aren't I mummy?'.  'Miss M has been a naughty girl, hasn't she Mummy?'.

Guess which one is Miss Minxy?
When Miss E has been naughty or she knows I disapprove of something, she comes up and strokes my arm or tries to climb on my lap and tells me she loves me and that she is my good girl.  It is strange to see how much she desires my approval 'we best friends aren't we Mummy', and yes much of the time we are best friends but I am always aware to tell her that Miss M, me and her are all best friends together, 'us girls'.

I don't think Miss M feels left out, it just seems as she is very content being independent and walking her own walk.  In essence this is good, it will be great as she grows older to have a child who is street smart and knows her way round awkward or challenging situations but for the meantime it means I am stuck with a cheeky little girl who disrespects what I say to her.

As of today I am trying some positive reinforcement. The main problem is that she has stopped listening and I need to ensure that starts again - it is the crux of everything.  I am practically on the count of 3 before she does as she is told.  Clever little lady knowing the way to avoid the consequence is to give in on the brink of Mummy turning into the screaming banshee and that is where I am at for now, at the exasperated stage.  I don't like being the screaming banshee mummy! Hence the start of the positive reinforcements.  Miss E has resorted back to wetting since starting school, so she is getting a single smartie each time she uses the loo and this is working well, so today we started a smartie for Miss M when she did good listening.  That has also worked.  As I know all too well it is far harder work to catch the kids doing something good than it is to discipline for poor behaviour but the rewards for my hard work over the next week or two will be amazing I am sure.

Wish me luck....   and any tips are gratefully received.

This is my entry for the Multiples Mayhem Carnival being held over at Two become Four on Monday 7th February 2011. If you would like to join in and tell a story about your multiples please get in touch with the host of this carnival - the lovely Rebecca.

Multiples Mayhem Carnival at two become four
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