Wednesday 2 September 2009

4 month update

Well here I am 4 months into the program and I could write a post and crucify myself as there is a very long way to go and I am not abstinent but what would be the point? one of the main aspects of this programme and coming into recovery from compulsive overeating is to be kind to yourself and to acknowledge your successes!

I know I have had such a major mindshift in the last few months, my self-awareness is so heightened and I am really learning about my food triggers and problems. Dh and I have been talking about big stuff and this is so unusual for us but we both face that we need to - progress has definitely been made.

My weight is 15st 11lb, so OK but obviously a long way to go. I am back planning my daily food again and I pray I keep that up as it helps so much.

I had an afternoon of being anxious and stressed today but I realise it is one small afternoon in the bigger picture of my life. So I had a shower, have done some self pampering and have refused to do any housework tonight - it feels good.

JJ is back at school tomorrow and the girls are back in their nursery routine on Monday so I am (sort of) looking forward to being back at work and having a good sense of normality. I can get my exercise back on track and hopefully lose some more weight and gain some more sanity!
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