Friday 15 February 2008

A smile in the screaming

JJ had me in stitches today and it was really needed. Picture this - a lovely walk home from Morrisons and the swing park and the sun is shining. Twinnie M has been screaming since the park as she needed to sleep but had gone beyond it. So I am about to crack as boy is she loud. When JJ spots some graffiti - a penis! yep you read that right, a penis and balls. He shouts 'look mum it is a pair of sissors' and runs to the wall and trys to grab the balls and shouts 'snip, snip, aren't they clever mummy, drawing those good scissors!'. The joy of being innocent and age 4.

Gave his Mummy a good laugh and he got a big hug and had no idea why!
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