Saturday 22 January 2022

Looking Forward to December 2022

After spending quite some time in the last week reflecting on how things have changed in 2021 and how I have grown and matured, it’s now time to look forward. In one of my many recent emails, I was asked the questions –

Where do I want to be in December 2022?

What would I like to have achieved?

So, that got me thinking and of course, praying, about what my future might hold and I figured it’s no bad thing to visualise how things might look for me in a year's time. After 2021 being such a great year of spiritual growth I don’t want to rest on my laurels. I need to keep pressing on and making myself available to deepen my relationship with God and do His will. The first few things I come up with are –

  • Be working in a job that fulfills me and makes a difference to others
  • Have made my health a priority and lost some weight so I can move better and hurt less
  • JJ settled at University and happy in his studies
  • My girls feeling prepared to undertake their GCSE exams

This first part above I started to write in the first week of January and now it is 22nd January and I am already some way towards achieving the first one as I got a new job last week. I’m going to be the Food Bank Project Manager in the town where I go to church and it needs a complete overhaul, so this will be an exciting (and slightly scary) challenge, but I feel equipped to do it as I know it is God who placed it in front of me.

Other items that I’d add to my visualisation of how I’d like December 2022 to look, include –

  • Adam being in a job that challenges and fulfills him, one where he doesn’t feel exasperated most days
  • Us all being settled in our home, feeling safe and comfortable
  • The whole family continues to be a part of our church family, fully involved in many aspects of serving
  • My girls having great friends, that they can rely on and trust. Ones who are good influences on them
  • Family life at home being more collaborative, with everyone helping with the chores and cooking as I’ll be working more
  • All of my family is well in both physical and mental health

And that’s it really. I don’t know if I’m just a simple woman or if I have low expectations but I am content with what I have in the main and I think that is a very precious gift. Thank you Jesus for all you give me and the way you are a constant in my life. I am so glad I have you to go through this life journey with. I honestly don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have you to turn to and rely on every single day. Amen

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