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Beauty Recommendations for Looking after Yourself in 2022

Beauty recommendations for 2022 from a woman in her late forties, wanting to look after herself more this year.
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Finally, in my late forties, I seem to be looking after myself better. I've always enjoyed wearing make-up and doing my hair but I have been absolutely hopeless at looking after my skin or having any kind of beauty regime. Thankfully, God seems to have blessed me with good skin and I've got away with it, but no longer, I realise I'm ageing and need a change. So let me share with you some of the products I've been using in recent times and I'm loving.

Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel - £16 for 100ml

This is a fairly new product to me, I've been using it for just a few months but even in that short time, I am really finding it effective. I had thought that my face was looking a bit dull but this has cheered it up no end and I have that lovely glow again. The product has a gentle exfoliator in it and you apply it to dry skin and as you massage it in you can feel these little balls forming and they are supposed to collect up your dry skin cells and any dirt/ grime that is there. You then rinse it off your face and it really is very satisfying to use. 

You just need one or two small pumps for each use, so I think the 100ml bottle will last me quite some time and provide good value. When I was younger I probably would have opted for a supermarket fash wash in a much bigger size for under a fiver but as I get older I realise that you do get what you pay for. I also really like the values of Body Shop (#ad) and I'm happy to buy from a sustainable brand with good green credentials, using natural products. 

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream - £59 for 30ml

This is one of my pricey indulgences but it is the first face cream I have ever liked and felt suited my skin. I had often found in the past that when I put a cream on my face it would bring me out in beads of sweat and feel as if it was sat on top of my skin. The beauty of this cream is that you need such a tiny amount as it really goes a long way. I also find that it soaks in easily and smells very light and pleasant. 

Since I have used it regularly I have definitely noticed that my skin looks more hydrated and plump. I've been using it for about 3 years now, and maybe it's the reason why I have so few wrinkles at age 48! It's a cream that always ranks highly in the awards and scores well in the reviews. You definitely won't regret investing in Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (#ad).

KELO-COTE UV Scar Treatment - £22.59 for 15ml

Back in October a friends puppy scratched my hand. of course he didn't mean to but he is a big pup and it left a nasty red mark on my hand. I'd heard good things before about KELO-COTE scar treatment so I was pleased to give it a go. You are supposed to put a small amount on your scar twice a day and it dries and forms a silicon seal over the scar so it can effectively heal. It is clinically proven to help smooth, soften and flatten scars as well as relieve the itching, pain and discomfort associated with scars and reduce redness.

The UV formula also has SPF 30 protection as the sun can aggravate scars. I've been using the scar gel now for about 4 weeks and I'll be hoenst I only tend to remember to apply the gel once a day, but I have already seen a marked improvement to my scar. You can see in the picture below, the colouring is a bit different as they are taken at different times of the day, but I think it does really show how the scar has become a lot less red and angry looking. I'm very impressed and I still have a another month or two to use the product to see the full effects, as they state 60-90 days of treatment in the norm.

You can buy both a 6 or 15g tube of KELO-COTE scar treatment (#ad), depending on the size/ amount of your scars. 

Boots No 7  Protect & Perfect Lip Care - £9.95 from 10ml

This is a small tube, just 10ml but it goes for ages and really helps your lips to feel smooth, plump and soft. During the colder months I can really suffer with dry and cracked lips but I put this on morning and night and it works a treat.

Boots say it has No7 age-defying actives, Lipopeptides and Antioxidants and it provides 24 hour hydration, but as I mentioned I apply it twice a day for a real good hydration boost. I nearly always buy it when there is a buy 3 for 2 deal on Boots No 7 (#ad) as I also love their mascara and cuticle cream too. 

Tweezerman Tweezers - from around £13


Your eyebrows are so important as they frame your face and a good pair of tweezers are essential. I've found that Tweezerman ones are excellent. They do a whole range of styles, so you can get the ones that suit you and there is also a variety of colours. I've found that when I have the tiniest (but annoying) hairs my Tweezerman gets a grip on them and removes them painlessly. 

You can see a whole variety of Tweezerman tweezers on Amazon (#ad).

Elvive Dream Lengths, No Haircut Cream - £2.50 for 200ml

I'm a bit lazy with my hair washing and I tend to just go for a leave in conditioner for my everyday wash, rather than using a wash-out conditioner each time. My go-to leave in conditioner is the Elvive dream lengths no haircut cream as it smells fabulous and is super easy to use. You just squirt a small amount into your palm and then rub it over your hair lengths. It can be used on wet or dry hair (I'd recommend wet) and it acts as a protective barrier if you use heated appliances too.

The Elvive dream lengths no haircut cream is £2.50 currently on Amazon (#ad) and that is a great price, as it is normally around £8 at Boots or Superdrug. 

Dentemp Oral Care Kit - £8.00

Oral hygiene is so important and while I think we all brush our teeth, its also good to do that little bit extra every once in a while and this kit will certainly help you with that. In the sturdy plastic storage box you get a dental pick, dental scaler, mirror and tongue cleaner and I love that they are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 

The kit helps you to remove stains, plaque and tartar to help keep your teeth looking white, which of course is very on-trend right now and it's available on Amazon for just £8 (#ad).

Body Shop Body Yogurt - Normally £11 for 200ml

There are a whole range of smells in the body yogurts and I've tried quite a few of them but my favourite reminas the neutral almond milk. However the yogurts are fairly expensive in my opinion and therefore I buy whichever is on special. At the moment the three seasonal varieties are on special for half price at £5.50 and they often do a great price on a Christmas 2 pack too. 

They recommend you slave on a big handful when you are still wet as it absorbs really easily and is designed to work with the water droplets left on your skin. I tend to put it on once I am dry and then I don't have to use as much but it still makes my skin feel wonderful and I love that I can get dressed straight away, without delay and it has dried already without any stickiness. 

For years I avoided moisturisng my body as I hated my skin feeling heavy afterwards, but this Body Shop body yogurt (#ad) has been a game changer for me for about the last four years. 

I hope you like my product recommendations. Let me know if you have any gems to share with me.

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Beauty recommendations for 2022 from a woman in her late forties, wanting to look after herself more this year.

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