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Trying out Love Leggings - Energise and Revitalise Sports Leggings - Which to Choose?

Love Leggings - Great for all kinds of activities, even tree climbing!

{This is a review post, many thanks Love Leggings for the sports leggings you sent to my daughter}

OK, the first thing I have to tell you is that if you order some Love Leggings you won't be disappointed. We have been happy customers for just under three years now and one of my 14-year-old twins Miss E doesn't wear any other leggings apart from them. We've had both the regular leggings and the sports specific ones and she swears by them. So many leggings go thin on the bum, come away at the seams or show off your knicker line but not so with the Love Leggings.

For the last couple of years, Miss E has been wearing both Focus and Energise sports leggings and she has been really happy in both styles. More recently she has also been sent a pair of Revitalise leggings to try out too and this means she has now tried all three styles of sports leggings that Love Leggings currently sell.

Energise - £35

Energise are ultra-lightweight compression leggings so they have a little extra support. Miss E finds these perfect for running as they have pockets for her phone, keys etc. Made from 80% nylon and 20% elastane, these leggings have added lycra for 4 ways stretch. They feature a high-rise waistband, distinctive seam design and are sweat-wicking. They also encompass shape-retention technology so they hold their shape for the life of the product. 

Both my girls have had Energise leggings for well over a year and even with constant wear, they have never faded colour, bobbled, or lost their shape. Miss E has worn some of hers so much that they have naturally worn out for that is after months and months of wear and I have been very happy with their longevity. 

Energise leggings are available in regular, tall and petite ranges, with sizes 6 through to 28. It is so nice to find a brand that is inclusive and made for women of all shapes and sizes. You can get them in full length, 7/8ths and cropped styles. Currently, they are available in black and thunder blue. 

Revitalise - £35

These revitalise leggings are new to Miss E; these ones are still sweat-wicking and supportive but they have a cosy textured fabric, which Miss E really liked the feel of, but she did comment that it picks up fluff a lot more than the more shiny Energise that she normally wears.

Love Leggings suggest these are the perfect athleisure leggings, perfect for exercise, relaxing and everything in between. Miss E commented that she could imagine these are great for yoga or mat work as they had a lot of stretch in them and she didn't feel restricted at all.

They are 79% nylon and 21% lycra which gives the 4-way stretch and they share many features with the other Love Leggings sports styles - high waist) these have a hidden pocket in the waistband too), quick-dry and sweat-wicking and they use the shape-retention technology too.

Again, these leggings are available in regular, tall and petite ranges, with sizes 6 through to 28. There is currently a choice of four different colours - black, navy, winter plum and mauve. You can get them in full length, 7/8ths and cropped styles. 

Focus - £32

Miss E heading off to do her 2 day D of E expedition in her Focus leggings

These were the first leggings that Miss E had from Love Leggings and she has been through a couple of pairs as she has truly worn them out. Miss E finds these very similar to the Energise style with the same 80% nylon and 20% elastane fabric but it is not quite so lightweight and the seam design is different as it doesn't have side pockets.

There is still the high waist with a hidden pocket and a nice minimal seam design with a cute bum-enhancing V-shaped waistband at the back. These still have great compression support and allow excellent movement and stretch when you are exercising. 

Focus leggings are available in regular, tall and petite ranges, with sizes 6 through to 28. You can get them in full length, 7/8ths and cropped styles. Currently, they are available in black, olive green, dusky pink and mulberry plum.

What's the Fit Like?

Miss E is a size 12 and she is 5ft 9", however, we always size down when buying Love Leggings in the sports designs. This gives her a really tight fit that she feels secure in to do even the most energetic of exercises and she says the leggings do a great job staying in place and making her feel supported.

She also always has leggings from the regular range and tends to go for the full-length option, so I do wonder if a shorter person like I am, at 5ft 4" might do better going for the petite range if I wanted a full-length pair, as there is nothing worse than bagging leggings at the ankle. They have a good size guide for you to consult if you aren't sure. 

Which Sports Leggings should you Choose?

The question of which Love Leggings sports style to choose is a hard one to answer as it will come down to personal choice. Miss E likes to wear her Focus or Energise leggings for running, football and going to the gym. But she feels the Revitalise are more suitable for low-intensity exercises like yoga or pilates.  Each of the fabrics feels good and comfortable to wear but for Miss E Energise are her favourite.

Love Leggings Essential Information

  • There are maternity and curve leggings and you're able to see photos of realistically sized women wearing these items, which makes Love Leggings very authentic and relatable
  • Delivery is free if you spend over £50, or £1.99 otherwise and it takes 2-3 days. Quicker options are available at a price
  • Free returns and exchanges on all orders
  • All packaging is 100% compostable
  • Visit Love Leggings at
  • There is a live chat function available on the website and you can also contact Love Leggings by email or phone directly from their web page
  • Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Tik Tok

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