Tuesday 9 November 2021

Christmas Gift Guide for Older Teen Girls

All sorts of Christmas gift and stocking filler ideas for a teenage girl. The only guide you need.

 {Many of the items in this post have been gifted to me in exchange for inclusion in my gift guide. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, any affiliate links will be marked with #ad}

If you've got a teenage girl (or two in my case) to buy for then you'll know it is a bit like walking a tightrope. If you have hundreds of pounds available to spend and you can treat them to high-end tech, designer trainers or a holiday with their mates then you're made! If, like me, you don't have that kind of money and need to find some smaller items to go alongside their main gift then read on and check out my recommendations of some of the items my teenage girls will be enjoying this year.

Bijoux De Mimi Ear Cuffs and Huggies - from £14.50

Earrings, ear cuffs and huggies from Bijoux De Mimi are all the rage right now. My teenage girls have been seeing their products on Tik Tok and are loving them. The brand is such a fabulous success story to come out of the pandemic.

Miss M choose a pair of Camilla cross dangle hoops with classic white sparkle gemstones. This retail for £20.50 and are 14ct gold plated. The hoops average at 1.5cm across. They have a pivot fastening, quite different to other earrings we have chosen before, so they look like a complete hoop through the ear. 

Miss E went for a Christina turquoise huggie hoop and cuff, as she'd love to have her helix done but I've said not until she is a bit older. This is a really good compromise as she can wear the design she likes but there is no permanent change. At first, she found the cuff a bit large as she has dainty ears but it was easy to squeeze the cuff and make it a better fit. It is £17.50 and 14ct gold plated with turquoise gemstones. There is a selection of colours that this style is available in - something to suit everyone.

Do check out their Instagram page for loads of great inspiration on how to wear your huggies and cuffs. 

Kelty Bestie Blanket - SRP £22

I think all teenagers love to spend time with their besties and being snug whilst you do it is a double whammy. Whether you are under the stars by the side of the firepit toasting marshmallows or snuggling up in the den to watch a movie on a sleepover the Kelty bestie blanket (*ad) is a perfect addition. 

This gorgeous blanket is super soft and filled with cosy Cloudloft synthetic insulation. It feels like a sleek and soft sleeping bag on one side and a more snugly fleece blanket on the other. At just 0.7kg and you can stuff it into its small bag, it is easy to take anywhere you fancy. When flat the blanket measures 107 x 192cm. 

It's also perfect in that it can be cool washed at home and then tumble dried on a cool setting. Very easy maintenance to keep it looking fabulous. There are four colourways to choose from and they suit both sexes, we opted for the sunflower/ aspen eyes colourway as it is beautifully bright and cheery in the colder months. The SRP is £22 but I saw it as low as £15.15 when I searched online, so have a good shop around. It is a complete bargain at that price. 

Glo32 Teeth Whitening System - £30.00

When you look at the reviews for these teeth whitening strips on Boots you can see how pleased most people are with the results they have got. Included in the kit is a 14-day treatment of Advanced Whitening Strips to lift your smile and the Advanced Whitening Stilo for on the go whitening. It is formulated with coconut oil for a healthier way to whiten your teeth.

This is a perfect set for whitening your teeth in readiness for a big event like a wedding or starting a new job. Then you can use the still for touch-ups on the special day or in the weeks that follow. The whitening happens by gently reducing surface stains and discolouration and only takes 20 minutes a day.  You can buy the Glo32 set at Boots for £30 and earn advantage points too. Or it's available on Amazon for £29.99 (*ad)

The LOGO Board Game (2nd Edition) - RRP £32.99

The LOGO board game has established itself as a classic games cupboard staple since it was first introduced in 2009. Then last year in 2020 the game was updated and the second edition was born. LOGO is the game of all the things we know and love, those things we grew up with and were dear to us in our childhood and more recent things too. It's not just about spotting brands but also products, packaging, flavours and characters too.

It's a fun game for age 12 upwards and you can have 2 - 5 players per game. Opposing teams will be tested by four colour-coded questions – picture, theme or pot-luck cards – helping them move around the board.

Have a good google when you are going to buy this as I saw it for £17.99 on Rymans and £20 from The Works for this new edition. It is also just £19.99 on Amazon (*ad). There are bound to be thousands of families having a wonderful time enjoying this game this Christmas. 

Wall Art from The Poster Store - From £3.95

The Poster Store has a great selection of posters and also frames. I choose some for myself with the beautiful copper frames you can see below. Miss M choose some for her friends with white wooden frames to give as Christmas gifts. There is a massive selection of designs, themes, colours, sizes and styles to suit everyone. 

Forever Smoothing Exfoliator - £17.72

This is 60ml tube of smoothing exfoliator has been taking the beauty world by storm. Winning the Woman & Home 2021 award for best daily exfoliator. They said "A brilliant basic exfoliator. Gently buffs off dead cells to leave skin smooth and soft" However Forever say that you only need to use it a couple of times a week and I understand that it's really light and a little goes a long way. 

The product is certified cruelty-free and vegan and it is made with an abundance of natural ingredients such as jojoba beads, bamboo powder and aloe barbadensis leaf juice. 

Transformulas Marine Miracle Eyezone Bauble - £30

Have you heard of Transformulas before? I hadn't, but I love their strapline - beauty without surgery. All their products have been designed to give instant visible results and that sounds great, right? Why not treat the older teen in your life to a beautiful bauble to hang on the tree, filled with a 10ml pot of Marine Miracle Eyezone, which is an ultra-concentrated restorative treatment for your eye area that improves skin tone and clarity, nourishes and strengthens the skin. It's never too early to start looking after these delicate areas.  They also sell a lip-boosting gel that can improve the volume of your lips and one of my teens is already eyeing this up. 

Books fit for a Young Adult from Books2Door - Various Prices

I got these seven brand new books from Books2Door for just £23.92 including postage and I'm very pleased with that price. It was easy to order and the delivery arrived about five days to arrive. It was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

I went for a 4 book set by Jennifer Mathieu, which was £11.95 instead of the RRP of £31.96, two books by Dawn O'Porter, which were just £5.99 (a saving of around £10 against the RRP) and I got the last book - Heist Society by Ally Carter as a free gift. Make sure you look under the Deals tab on the website as they have various free books. The postage was £5.98 which felt a bit hefty but of course, books are heavy and I always consider the whole price I pay. When you think of just under £24 for 7 books, it is about £3.40 each, so that's a great price. You can also get Quidco cashback, which is always a plus with me!

Hand Embroidered Bookmark from Madagascar - £6.50

Thinking of those who like to read, why not treat them to a beautiful rainbow coloured embroidery bookmark that is made in Madagascar by a collective of women for Stitch Sainte Luce. So by buying a bookmark (or they have loads of other handmade gorgeous gifts too) you'll not only gain a lovely gift but help someone living in Madagascar to have a sustainable livelihood and be able to provide for themself and their family. Check out their Etsy store and more information about the program is on the Stitch Sainte Luce website

I-Bed Lap Desk with Storage - £40.00

One of my teenagers loves being in bed, it is her go-to place. When she was home-schooling that was where she did it from and it's shame she didn't have the I-Bed back then, as it is a great sturdy surface with a dip for putting your screen in, making it easy to watch TV, game, chat or work in your bed, on the couch, in the car or anywhere else you might be really. 

The one that we received is a grey felt base that you can store things in, like chargers, remote controls etc - all the things that are easily lost, and the top is a nice light wood. There are a variety of sizes and styles of I-Bed lap desks and you can check them out on Amazon (*ad), where the price is as low as £11.19. 

ASDA Photo Personalised Pillow - £26.00

I knew that my Miss M would really love this super soft cushion as Miss E already has one. I let Miss M design her own as it's important that she lies the cushion and she went for photos of her besties. They were not the greatest quality images that she choose and the ASDA photo software suggested she choose higher quality images but it did allow her to use hers and actually they have not pixilated too badly.

 I went for the XL cushion, which is 25" x 14.5" and retails at £26.00 with £4 postage (there is also a smaller size available too). The cushion is really good quality, it is soft suede, plain beige on the back and printed on the front. There are loads of templates you can choose from for printing, to make it totally unique to your home and I found the process simple, and the delivery quick. I'll happily use ASDA photo again for personalised. I've made lots of products with them now. Check out my latest post on Honest Mummy Reviews

Classic Steiff Hoppie Rabbit - £30.99

The hoppie rabbit that I received for my girls is the 26cm version. It is available in pink, cream or blue and they all looks equally gorgeous. You may be fooled into thinking this adorable and super-soft rabbit is only for a newborn baby but actually, it can be for any age. On the foot, it says 'My first Steiff' and it's true, it's the first one my girls have ever received. It retails for £30.99 and you get the gorgeous gift box included in this price. I think this finishes it off well and makes it look very special as a gift. 

Every Steiff bear or cuddly is a classic and you know it is authentic when you see the stainless steel button in the ear. 

Buyagift Happy Christmas Gift Experience Box - £49.99

I'm a really big fan of Buyagift and shop with them multiple times a year, both for myself and for gifts. I love that they always have a deal to be had - make sure you sign up for their mailing list and they'll often send you discounts of up to 25% and you can end up with a super deal. One of my favourite deals to buy from them is the Prezzo 3 course meal with a glass of wine for 2, or otherwise Bannatyne spa days.

This gift is a really great one though as you don't have the issue of choosing what your recipient might like, you can just give them the voucher box and they can choose from 2760 different gifts and experiences all across the UK. The voucher will last for 2 years, so there is plenty of time and if your giftee decides they want something much more expensive, they can trade your voucher for other items, using the monetary value of the voucher and topping it up themselves 

There is such a massive selection on Buyagift so you'll definitely find something to suit everyone - pamper sessions, champagne afternoon tea, zorbing, stadium tours, wine tasting, online classes, nights away, theatre trips, race day package, meet the meerkats, falconry - the list goes on and on.

Who wants to be a Millionaire Board Game - £29.99

The classic Who wants to be a Millionaire board game has been revamped for this year and it now has over 700 new questions for all the family to tackle. Some super tricky and others not so much so, to allow everyone to partake and have fun. There are also now digital lifelines that you can access through your smartphone by scanning a QR code.

Recommended for players aged 14 + you can play with two or more players. You are all playing to rise up the money tree and make it to the £1 million pound marker. You have two safe havens in the money ladder, one at £10,000 and one you can choose to suit your skills. If after 40 minutes of play no-one has reached the £1 million pounds, you just declare the winner by who reached the highest point. Available on Amazon for £29.99 (*ad)


Silver Kikkerland Travel Straw Set - £9.37

This is such a great straw for taking out and about with you. It has been a permanent feature in my handbag for the last couple of months. no more nasty paper straws, I can enjoy my drink using this retractable silver (iridescent and copper colours are available too) straw, which comes in a case and with a brush for thorough cleaning. The kids are all jealous and want one too! Available on (#ad) Amazon for £9.37.

St Moriz Colour Correcting Tanning Mousse - £9.99

One of my girls is a lover of fake tan. Sadly I passed her my white and pasty genes and therefore she always gives herself a little glow, even in the colder months. She's been using St Moriz for a while now as it is really affordable and goes on well, especially with a velvet tan application mitt. 

She hasn't used the colour correcting tanning mousse before but it sounds really good as it works like a colour correcting primer with four different shades available and each has a contrasting undertone. In the case of the medium shade, it is an olive undertone to contrast any redness. There is a transfer-resistant instant colour lasts all day, and then washes off to reveal a long-lasting natural-looking sun-kissed tan. Meanwhile, the Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin B5 get to work providing long-lasting hydration, helping your skin stay silky smooth and help keep your tan looking flawless for days. You can get the colour correcting mouse on Amazon for just £6.66 (*ad).

Kikkerland Eyeglass Repair Kit 16 Piece Set In Tin - £9.50 RRP

This handy little kit is sure to be a hit with anyone who has to wear glasses day in, day out. We all know how easy it is for a tiny screw to work its way loose and then who has a screwdriver that small? Well, you do now! The kit includes everything you need for easy maintenance, like screwdrivers, tweezers, nose pads, screws, magnifying glass, soft cloth etc. I've seen it on Amazon for as cheap as £7.92 (*ad).

Cleaning Putty - £5.00

I absolutely love this cleaning putty (#ad). This is the first time I have heard of it and used it but I am a convert. All those tiny places that you can't get the dirt out of - your computer keyboard, speakers, vents etc. You just put it on and let it mould in a bit (or you can roll it around) and it all stays in one piece and you just peel it off, along with the debris. It's also antibacterial so you can feel happy knowing you are not just spreading germs around. The putty can be broken into smaller chunks for use and used again and again. 

So many great gifts, right?  I hope you've found at least a couple of ideas that you think your teenager would enjoy and find useful.

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All sorts of Christmas gift and stocking filler ideas for a teenage girl. The only guide you need.

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