Thursday 18 November 2021

Stunning Christmas Tree Decorations from Newbridge Silverware

Review of a selection of silver plated christmas tree decorations from Newbridge Silverware

{These beautiful items were gifted to me for the purpose of this review, I have not been instructed what to write}

I suspect most people would agree that Christmas is a magical time, but I think we all have our own unique reasons for why we enjoy it. From family time to gift-giving, to lots of merriment and parties, right through to the hope of snow and of course, decorating your house. I wouldn't say I'm an elaborate house stager for the Christmas period but I do adore decorating my Christmas tree.

For years I had a colour coordinated tree and I was more interested in the overall aesthetic than anything else. That changed in the last decade, I think probably it was the children that helped me to see that memories can be more important than style. Add to that some journeys abroad that held great meaning and I started to collect tree ornaments that I could bring out every year and hang. What I've found is that as I unpack those decorations I am transported back to the time I bought the decoration or perhaps when it was made, or a special year when I hung it with one of my children and it now has sentimental meaning.

I've shared a few times on my blogs about our Christmas trees, you can see our 2012 offerings over here, or our 2018 one here. I also shared a tutorial in 2017 for making small Christmas wreath tree ornaments and these have been very popular and make excellent but inexpensive teacher/ youth leader gifts. 

Here is Miss E decorating our tree last year, as you can see I have done away with the tinsel and it's all about seeing each individual ornament now and there are a lot of them!

My tree is never too full though and I'm even considering getting a bigger tree this year, so I can display more. Or otherwise, I'll be rotating some of my ornaments as I have some new amazing decorations to add to our tree. Newbridge Silverware of Co. Kildare, Ireland has sent me some stunning decorations. These are not run of the mill decorations, each one of them is very special and silver-plated. They describe their products as being for the connoisseur of today, but an heirloom for tomorrow. They are so right!

Newbridge Silverware have quite a committed following for both their jewellery and Christmas decorations. The company was established in 1934, so the heritage of innovative design and quality craftsmanship is well established. When you look at Trust Pilot for reviews of Newbridge Silverware they have a trust score of 4.9 and over 14,800 reviews so they are keeping their customers very happy. Every review I read talked about great customer service, prompt delivery, great packaging and a high-quality product. I have to confirm that my experience has been the same too.

You can visit Newbridge Silverware on FacebookTwitter or  Instagram to see what is on offer and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Let's take a closer look at the decorations I was sent.

Christmas Collectable 2021 - 'Cead Mile Failte' - £30

For the last 12 years, Newbridge Silver has crafted an annual commemorative tree decoration. This year it is titled Caed Mile Failte and they say "following an Irish tradition, the light in the window was a beacon of safety, letting visitors know that this home would offer them refuge. The light shining in the window would light the way for visitors as they travelled to visit their neighbours.' 

It is a wonderful depiction of this light at the window scenario and you can really see the quality of the workmanship. Even the back is a glorious blue, which gives the sky colour on the decorative side. Your decoration will arrive with you in a beautiful red presentation box and it is perfect to give as a gift that the recipient can treasure for a lifetime. 

The size of the decoration is 100mm x 85mm x 25mm, and the festive hanging ribbon is approx. 80mm. The decoration is silver-plated with an anti-tarnish layer. It is 3-dimensional and features red, blue, green and yellow enamel detailing. 

Robin Hanging Decoration - £13

If the reviews on this piece are anything to go by this must be one of the most popular designs that Newbridge Silverware offer. This is a 2-dimensional decoration that is silver-plated and has a protective anti-tarnish layer. It is hand finished with orange, red and green enamel. 

Newbridge Silverware suggest that the robin is a symbolic figure that can be a gentle reminder of loved ones lost or a symbol of renewal and hope and is perfect for adding warmth to your tree, perfect for capturing the Christmas spirit. 

It is 65mm x 65mm x 4mm, and has the signature festive hanging ribbon that is approx. 80mm.

Christmas Tree hanging decoration - £17

This is my favourite decoration that I received as it is purely silver and so sparkly when the light hits it; all the combination of tiny silver stars make for a wonderful overall tree effect. As with the others, it is silver plated with a protective anti-tarnish layer.  

It measures 85mm x 49mm x 13mm, and has a festive hanging ribbon of approx. 80mm length. The smaller decorations are wrapped in tissue paper and then come in a Newbridge Silverware signature blue gift pocket with a red bow, as shown in the top picture. Everything you buy looks good and is worthy of being given as a gift. 

Candy cane with bow hanging decoration - £13

If you have a red and green themed tree this is the perfect decoration to add, it is a nice chunky candy cane with gorgeous red and green enamel on the silver-plated decoration, also with the anti-tarnish layer.

The candy cane decoration is 70mm x 47mm x 10mm, with the festive hanging ribbon that is approx. 80mm long. 

Reindeer photo frame decoration - £17

I'm going to give my husband this decoration as he loves to photograph deer, so I'll put one of his deer pictures in it. You can also have this one personalised for no extra cost, which is a nice bonus. I love the modern and minimalist look of this decoration and I think it would look great on any tree. 

As you'd expect it is silver plated with the anti-tarnish layer and it measures 100mm x 60mm, with a festive hanging ribbon that is approx. 80mm long.

Santa and globe hanging decoration - £23

This last decoration that I received really shows off the wonderful workmanship of the expert craftsmen at Newbridge Silverware. There is so much detail in this 3D hanging decoration, it really is very intricate and delicate in places.

It is the same silver-plated with an anti-tarnish layer, and it's finished with red, green, black and gold enamel for a very special looking finish. It is sold in a presentation box and therefore looks extra special. 


Take a look on the Newbridge Silverware website if you like Christmas decorations that you can keep for a lifetime as they have a massive variety and there is something for everyone. I am already eyeing up which ones I'll be requesting as gifts! Thank you Newbridge Silverware for the beautiful decorations you sent to me. 

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