Sunday 21 February 2021

Top Tips for Buying Perfect Age-Appropriate Presents for Children

Tips for buying age appropriate gifts that children will love.

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At one point I'd have said I was brilliant at buying children's gifts but not anymore, I've lost touch. My youngest children are now 13 and if I had to buy for a 2-year-old boy I'd be lost! Thank heavens for Wicked Uncle who have amazing gifts for all ages, both boys and girls. I always know I can head over there and pick up something that will be enjoyed and appreciated.

If, like me, you feel like you don't know what the latest gifting trends are for various ages then read on for my tips to help you buy a present that will be loved by its recipient -

Set your budget

First things first, it is far too easy to end up spending a small fortune, so set yourself a budget. If this is your beloved Nephew or Grandson, you're buying for then you might be happy to splash out £80 to £100, but if it is for a birthday party that your child has been invited to then the budget might be considerably smaller.

What kind of gift do you want to give?

Is it important to you to give a gift that will educate as well as give joy? Or are you a book buff who always want to pass that love to every child you meet? Each of us likes to give different kinds of presents and that is what makes them personal and special. My brother is brilliant at giving the gifts that I'd never buy for my kids, but the ones they really want. He really is the epitome of the Wicked Uncle!

Whereas I like to be more practical and I love a toy that combines learning and fun. It's great if you can find a gift that will grow with the child, some toys are dual function and can be used in one way for a year or two and then changed as the child develops, or something like LEGO (#ad) or Meccano that can be added to are always a wise investment. 

Dump the assumptions

Not all boys like dinosaurs and all girls like dolls. Now is the time to dump the assumptions and you could buy any toy you fancy for a girl or a boy, as all grow up to do the careers they desire and can become parents if they want to. Girls no longer have to be referred to as tomboys if they like getting outside and climbing trees and boys can wear pink if they want to. So, dump the assumptions and buy for the individual rather than a stereotype.

Don't just assume that the gift you have selected is safe or age-appropriate for the child you are buying for. You want to invest in a good quality product that will last and withstand vigorous play, and of course, you want it to have all the appropriate safety certifications, like a CE mark. Buying from a trusted supplier like Wicked Uncle is a good way to ensure your gift is a good fit for the child. 

Tips for buying age appropriate gifts that children will love.
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Ask their parents

Probably no-one knows the child better than their parents, so seek some advice when gift buying. Find out if they like reading books, doing puzzles (#ad), crafting, making mud pies, playing online or whatever else it is that floats their boat. This will give you some good ideas to then go off and buy something you think will be enjoyed and appreciated. 

It will also guide you if there is something the parents wouldn't like in their house. For instance, as a Christian mum, I didn't like my young girls having dolls that had unrealistic body proportions and dressed in a manner I didn't consider age-appropriate and modest. 

Do a shout out on FB to your friends/ in a closed group

This is my normal go-to when I need a recommendation for anything. I head to one of my closed groups and ask what other people think. You can do a shout-out on your main timeline but of course, you risk the recipient seeing your question if you are friends with them/ their parents and want it to be a surprise. 

Tips for buying age appropriate gifts that children will love.
Photo by Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash

Check out Wicked Uncles gift guide

A nice easy answer for selecting a great age-appropriate gift is to head to the Wicked Uncle website where you can choose gifts by gender, age. what's popular now or by categories such as sensory toys, STEM, fashion & style, role play (#ad) etc. They really do have a wonderful selection of amazing gifts for 2-year-old boys, as well as boys and girls of every other age. Even gifts for those eternal children, who never grow too old for a fun present. There is plenty on there I'd be happy to receive myself.  

Do you have any other tips to add to my list? Do feel free to share in the comments and give us all a hand!

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Tips for buying age appropriate gifts that children will love.

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