Friday 26 February 2021

Feeling Thankful in February Lockdown

I'm pleased to report that my mood is much improved since the last time I wrote a reasons to be cheerful post. The announcement on Monday that the UK has a plan for the next few months has really boosted me. I can't wait to be able to see my parents, go to church, travel for a break away and have a meal out. I don't do lots of extravagant or expensive things in life but I do really enjoy the simple things and I can't wait to enjoy them all again. 

That said, I have been still looking for the silver linings in this lockdown and have many blessings to count -

*  As I tided the kitchen this morning I watched a kestrel flying overhead, a pheasant wandering past my window and a then bunny hopping by and I reflected on how much I love living in the countryside.

*  I helped with community meals today at church and it was great to have a chat with a few people. 

*  Our little cat is being very affectionate with me at the moment, I still marvel at the fact that I now like cats. 

*  As you can see above there has been the most glorious sunset here.

*  The few snow days we had were marvellous. My girls had an amazing time and my hubby went sledging with them, which was great.

*  I'm enjoying taking part in an online course with some other woman. It is very good, and I'm making the most of the time and trying to tune in to God more to hear Him speak. 

*  I've been enjoying loads of good books just recently, especially the Bridgerton series and most recently a Christian fiction book, called Sensible Shoes - much better than the name makes it sound!

*  We've had some nice family walks, especially along the seafront at Eastbourne.

*  I'm super happy that the Chicago one programmes are back on, I like following the lives of the characters and it is something JJ and Miss E are happy to watch with me too.

*  Miss E has finally got in a habit of keeping her room tidy. It is so nice not to have to nag her.

*  I met my Christian coach last week and we had an excellent session, I feel like I have a good direction for my future growth. 

*  I started using a bullet journal in February to help me keep track of my food, mood, cycle, sleep and general health and I am finding it a really good discipline. 

*  Miss E got her brace put on and Miss M got new glasses during half-term and that was about the height of our excitement during that week! lol

Onwards and upwards, I'm looking forward to the future and being able to do a bit more again. I've already booked for a couple of nights away once we can. I pray we can take them!

I hope you're keeping well during this time, have a fab weekend. Mich xx

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