Thursday 18 February 2021

Period Pants from ModiBodi - Perfect for Stress-Free Periods

{This is a review post, we received these pants in exchange for an honest review}

ModiBodi offers a range of leak-proof underwear, swimwear, activewear and even maternity wear that keeps you feeling dry and secure, no matter what your issue (period, stress incontinence, sweat and discharge). You may worry that their products will be bulky and uncomfortable but genuinely, I can assure you they are not. The gusset area where any liquid is collected is just 3mm thick and so soft, that they are a joy to wear (or so my daughter tells me). 

They come in five different absorbancies for different flows and to suit your pattern, from moisture-wicking right through to heavy/ overnight. The pants are made from a range of breathable fabrics and fibres, including bamboo, merino wool and microfibre. I've been very impressed with the feel of these pants considering what they are made for. 

Maxi-24hrs Absorbency Pants for Adults and Youths

At Christmas, my teenage twin girls received some ModiBodi pants and have found them perfect for wearing during their periods, so when ModiBodi contacted me to say they had created new Maxi-24hrs absorbency pants for adults and youths in the Modibodi RED range, I happily said yes, we'd like to try them out.

ModiBodi really understands the difficulties that many girls can have with navigating first and early years periods and their proven-to-work technology provides growing bodies with protection from front to back, meaning there are zero fears of leaking through clothing whilst studying, being active and even while sleeping. My girls confirm this is true and have been really pleased with how safe and protected they feel in ModiBodi pants. 

This time we received the Classic boyshorts in Harbour Nights for heavy/overnight flow (these hold around 3-4 tampons/ 4 teaspoons/ 20ml of liquid). I'll be honest my daughters didn't like the look of these when they first arrived, they live up to the name and look very boyish. I think the seam detail really makes it look like these could be made for a male, but, of course, they are not. One of my daughters said they didn't really allow for a peachy style bum and would suit a girl with a flatter bum or a very slim figure. These cost £22.50 in the Maxi-24hrs absorbency.

The other pair were the seam-free full brief in Midnight Garden for moderate/ heavy flow (these hold around 2-3 tampons, 3 teaspoons/ 15mls of liquid). Looking inside these at the gusset, they have a much smaller padded area but when my daughter wore them, she found they gave her just as good protection. These were a better shape for her and she felt confident in them, although they are a larger cut of knicker than she would normally wear.

The seam-free material is really nice though and washes superbly. When you first receive them the waistband will seem as if it is super stiff and you'd never get them on but after a wash, they are really stretchy and fit very well. These cost £24 for moderate to heavy absorbency.

At Christmas, my girls received Sensual high-waist bikini pants and these are definitely their favourite style and one they'd get me to buy again. There is a good range of styles at ModiBodi so you can find what suits you and I love that they have a very large range of sizes too, with the ModiBodi RED range in youth sizes 8-16 years and the adult sizes from 8 through to 26, so even us plus-size ladies can feel protected in them too. 

Great Savings to be Made

Having several pairs now, this was the first time that one of my daughters was able to wear ModiBodi pants for her whole period and she only chose to wear a couple of tampons and one pad on a day when we went out and she didn't have a pair ready. So I'm really pleased to see that investing in the ModiBodi pants could end up saving me a lot of money in sanitary products each month. 

Investing in some ModiBodi pants doesn't have to cost you the earth either, the price depends on the style and the absorbency of the pants you choose, starting from £14 for a thong with super light absorbency. There are also multi-packs where you can save money by buying a number of pairs of pants at the same time. 

Looking after your ModiBodi Products

To keep your ModiBodi pants looking at their best and remaining fully absorbant you need to follow the care instructions carefully. 
  1. Rinse in cold water after use, until the water runs clear.
  2. Pop your pants in a delicates bag and put in the machine on a cold wash. Don't use any fabric conditioner.
  3. Line or airer dry them, do not put in the tumble dryer.
and that's it. Super simple and totally manageable.

My girls have found their ModiBodi pants really good and they feel confident and secure when wearing them. There haven't been any nasty leaks and I am loving having sheets that I don't have to emergency wash at that time of the month and also, of course, saving money on sanitary products. I foresee a long and happy future for ModiBodi pants in this house. 

Have you ever tried them, or something similar?

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