Saturday 6 April 2019

‘Hunt the Double Yolker’ in limited-edition packs of HARIBO Starmix to Win a Holiday

This post has been commissioned by HARIBO

Have you heard about the new limited edition packs of HARIBO Starmix that are out in time for Easter?

They have hidden 20 hand-crafted double yolker sweets in with the traditional Starmix shapes of heart, cola bottle, egg, ring and bear, so make sure you check any eggs before they get eaten!

Anyone lucky enough to find one of those double yolker sweets will win a fabulous family holiday with Forest Holidays. ‘Hunt the Double Yolker’ runs until 21st April 2019 and shoppers have until 31st May 2019 to claim their prize, so get hunting!

As a family we've been wanting to try out a Forest Holidays break for some time now but the opportunity hasn't come about yet. If you are one of the lucky people to find a double yolker sweet you'll win a Family Forest Holiday in a Silver Birch Cabin for 2 adults and 2 children (aged 15 and under), in 1 of 10 locations across the UK.  You'll also get bike hire and ranger activities included with your break. You can book up to 1st September 2019 and must take your holiday by 30th November 2019.

When I was looking at the terms and conditions for the promotion, I noticed there will also be seven other lucky winners of a holiday when they buy from a specific store like Tesco, Co-op, B&M, Poundland. Home Bargains, Premier Stores and Londis. You can check the T&C's out yourself over here if you like.

Once my twin girls heard about this, they didn't want to miss out on the action so we got a few bags of HARIBO Starmix ready to hunt ourselves.

To help get them 'hunt' ready HARIBO sent us a Where's Wally style game to find as many double yolkers in the picture as they could. I timed the girls for one minute a piece to see who had the keenest eye and would win the first bag of HARIBO Starmix to hunt through for a double yolker. Miss M proved herself to be the champion of this first task, but alas there was no double yolker in her pack.

The next challenge was a physical hunt for some packs of Starmix on the West Lawn, which is a great big lawn near our house. I got JJ to hide the packs for the girls to hunt and there seemed to be a theme with some ending up in trees!  Luckily Miss E loves climbing and found a couple.

Of course she couldn't even wait until she was fully down to open them up, pop one in her mouth and hunt through in case of a double yolker!

The girls have had lots of hunt looking for a double yolker in the special bags of HARIBO Starmix, we hope you will too!  Happy Hunting......

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