Thursday 4 April 2019

Feeling Cheery for the Future #R2BC

Hello friends. Happy Thursday. How is it possibly April already?  I had a bit of a shock when I realised today I was hosting #R2BC for this month.  I think we say it every year but it does feel as if time is whizzing by!

I've titled this post feeling cheery for the future, as I'm focusing on what will come to pass and I'm feeling very happy about it. I had an amazing walk with this wonderful lady who I chat to about everything and anything last week, and I poured my heart out, tears and all. It was very freeing and cathartic. We meet again this Friday, which will be a great follow up too. She is an amazing coach and challenges my thinking.

Then on Saturday last week I attended the Premier Woman to Woman conference with my friend Annie and it was fabulous. We had four amazing speakers and a great worship leader and I came away feeling inspired to change, to grow and to be who God created me to be.

I've been reading a book recently called Dream Culture and it has been about unlocking all the dreams that reside within me, it's been a great step forward. I realised I had stopped dreaming and was just sitting waiting to see how God wants to use me. I now realise He has already planted the passion in me for what I'm supposed to do and I just have to unlock it, equip myself and be brave enough to walk into it.

One of the speakers (Terri Savelle Foy) at the conference spoke on fulfilling your dreams too and that felt very pertinent. I've just purchased her book "Make Your Dreams Bigger Than Your Memories: Don't Let Your Past Keep You From Your Future" and I'm looking forward to taking that on holiday with me Sunday.

We're off to Spring Harvest at Butlins, Minehead, which is the Christian conference we go to every year. This year JJ is off to stay with my parents and I know he'll have a perfectly lovely time with them, and it means Adam and I will just have the girls with us. So that will be four of us who all love Spring Harvest.

I'll miss this little furball when we're away next week but I'm very glad to have one of our volunteers coming to stay to look after him. I just hope he doesn't leave her too many 'presents' on the doorstep! ekk

Since the conference I've been motivated to be much better with my food, remembering to write down what I'm eating and making some better decisions. I'm committing to be fully back on the Slimming World plan when we return from holiday but until then I am happy with less snacking and better choices.

My exercise has been great, I'm actually wanting to go to the gym and enjoying it. I've been doing around an hour on the treadmill/ cross trainer and then having a swim a couple of times a week. As well as clocking up good steps by walking all over the place. A couple of weeks ago, I managed to clock up 153,568 steps in a week and this is great for me. My personal best for a day recently has been 28,511 so I'm aiming for a 30K day now.

Come and Join In!

I'd love to read your Reasons to be Cheerful and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to join in -

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