Thursday 11 April 2019

An Attitude of Gratitude #R2BC

Minehead Prom

Good morning and happy Thursday friends. This post was put together in a hurry as I'm away at Butlins in Minehead on holiday and I had totally lost track of what day it is! I'd got all organised and had the skeleton post ready but its a bit hard to schedule what you're feeling thankful for, when the days haven't even happened yet.

So what am I feeling thankful for? Gosh I can hardly even come up with the answer to that, as I'm in a bit of a negative mind frame right now and that is why #R2BC is so perfect, as it is making me think about what is good in life. So I'm going for a quickfire, as many reasons as I can think of kind of post, to remind me that life is good!

  1. Our journeys down to Somerset have all been good, we haven't ended up in any nasty traffic and that really is a massive reason to be cheerful
  2. We stayed two nights at Premier Inns and had yummy full breakfasts at both. One night was pretty bad as it was so hot but they have refunded me the money, which is good
  3. We visited the Royal Mint Experience in Cardiff on Monday and as Miss E is a coin collector, she was super happy
  4. I'm away on holiday at Spring Harvest (the big Christian holiday we go on each year) with dh and my girls
  5. My lovely parents are looking after JJ and he tells me he is having a good time
  6. The girls have stopped bickering as they are super happy to be here, enjoying the youth sessions, funfair, arcade and swimming pool
  7. Dh seems really carefree and happy, it's so nice to see him like this
  8. I'm sat all alone right now, enjoying some peace watching a repeat of this mornings bible teaching
  9. I had a fabulous breakfast muffin this morning, and they gave me a free coffee to go with it
  10. There were a couple of small issues with our room and Butlins got them sorted quickly and even reimbursed me for the food their fridge spoilt
  11. I got Miss M a fab top when we were in Minehead, it was £2.49, you can't go wrong with that!
  12. Dh and I went to a Gospel choir performance last night and it was excellent, we were up singing and dancing away
  13. I'm looking forward to worshipping with around 3000 other Christians tonight 
  14. I've got an extra duvet to keep me warm and snug tonight
  15. Although the sun has come out and we have a blue sky now! yay
  16. We have another three days here before we head home
  17. Even then, there is still a week before the kids go back to school
  18. and, and, and, I am so pleased. I have a new washing machine. Mine broke about 6 weeks ago and I've been waiting (patiently) and it got replaced under warranty last Friday, so this means when I get home from holiday I can get all the washing done easily.
and you know what?  I feel so much better now.  An attitude of gratitude really does make all the difference. When you focus on the good, you push all the crap out and there is no room left for it. Thank you Jesus for all you do for me.

Can you believe these two are only 11?

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