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10 Ways to keep the Magic of Christmas Alive for your Kids

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It won’t be that long before the big day is upon us, but more than the actual day, I love the build up. The anticipation of the fun to come, watching the kids get more and more excited, smelling all those spiced biscuits and gingerbread, wondering if snow will fall and of course the buying, hiding and wrapping of the gifts.

I truly believe that Christmas is a much more magical time when viewed through the eyes of a child and as such I’m very happy to indulge my children in all their favourite pre-Christmas activities as they grow older. My 15 year old JJ, of course, is under no illusion that a cuddly fat chap in red comes down our chimney and my 11 year old twins don’t believe either, but we’re in that funny phase where I haven’t confirmed or denied. Last year they asked me again and I threw it back to them, asking if they liked the idea of Father Christmas? They both said they did, so I told them to enjoy it and forget the rest.

If like me, you want to help keep the magic of Christmas alive in the run up to the big day, why not check out these ideas of activities to do with your children -

Send a letter to Santa - £
I’m sure, at one time or another, every child has written a letter to Father Christmas, it’s a great way as a parent to learn what gift their heart may be desiring this year, but be careful not to do it too early with young children as they are prone of changing their mind. I know this from experience! You can buy letter writing packs, print a template off the web or just use regular paper.

Organise a Personalised Santa Letter for your Child - £
Wouldn’t your child love a response from Santa? I know mine would and for just £3.99 (on special currently) you can design and purchase a personalised letter from Santa to be sent direct to your child. I’m sure your child will be amazed when they realise that their name is known, and Santa has sent them a personal encouragement on beautiful luxurious paper with a gold seal, in a keepsake envelope. You can also choose extra add-ons to send to your child too, like a door sticker, so Santa doesn't forget them, or maybe a diploma or postcard? Take a look on Elfisanta now, for both the U.K. and USA markets.

Letter from Santa

Bake Christmas biscuits/sweets together - £
There doesn’t have to be much cost to baking together. My children and I like to make gingerbread, spiced biscuits, stained glass biscuits (with melted boiled sweets in a cut out), peppermint creams, coconut ice and all the old fashioned favourites. With some Christmas music on, this always gets us in the mood.

Decorate your Tree and watch a Christmas movie - £
This can of course be a totally free activity or you can buy some delicious snacks and maybe a new movie to add to your collection. Instead of the tree decorating being seen as a chore, make a fun family afternoon out of it. Go and choose the tree together, enjoy a warming hot chocolate whilst out and then come back to watch Elf, A Wonderful Life, Santa Claus the Movie or another fab film.

Go to a Christmas Tree Festival/Fete - £
Many local churches and villages have Christmas Tree festivals and these are a really fun way to get involved with your local community if you take part. If not, just go along and enjoy looking at all the trees and voting for your favourite. Most also have a fete and you can often enjoy a piece of homemade cake too.

Craft some Decorations Together -£
What you make will depend on the age and ability of your kids. Last years the girls and I made snowflake hanging decorations for our fireplace and we deco-patched some 3D Christmas trees for on the windowsill, but if your are younger then paper-chains and snowflakes are simple and fun.

Natural winter crafting items
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Visit Father Christmas in his Grotto - ££ - £££
Come November there are grottos everywhere and you can choose one to suit your pocket. If you want to go somewhere luxurious like Selfridges, Hamleys or Harrods you might need to book six months in advance and pay around £40 but if you’re more flexible there will be garden centres and attractions across the whole country putting on their own grottos.

Have Breakfast with Father Christmas - ££
For the last few years we’ve gone to a local Wyevale garden centre and had breakfast with Santa. The kids have received a small gift, done some crafts and we’ve all had a fabulous full English breakfast, and all without too much cost (about £11 a child).

Visit Lapland UK - £££
I’ve never been as the price has put me off but I know many people wax lyrical about the Lapland U.K. experience. It’s supposed to be a great day out where your child will feel fully immersed in the spirit of Christmas with snow, reindeer's, elf’s, presents, Santa’s worship and so much more. Take a look at Laura from Five Little Doves review of it, I don’t think the word magic, even does it justice.

Visit Lapland - £££££
If you want the ultimate in Christmas indulgence then it has to be a trip to the real Lapland. Here you’ll find thick, fluffy snow, snowboarding, husky pulled sledge rides, the search for the northern lights snowmobile ride, the real Santa and every amazing winter opportunity that you could hope for. Of course this trip comes with a very hefty price tag and the requirement to kit your family out with lots of warm clothes and boots too, but if you can afford it then why not, I’m sure it will never be forgotten. Check out the posts on Are We Nearly There Yet? Kara and family seemed to have an amazing time. 

Snow scene in Lapland
Image Credit: Are we nearly there yet? blog

Your imagination is your limit, there is so much you can do together in the run up to Christmas to keep it magical. What about a family board game night with Christmas songs, attend a carol concert or a crib service at the local church, make a Christmas eve box, have a few friends over for a Christmas buffet or go to the panto?

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have lots of fun.

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