Thursday 27 September 2018

#R2BC - The Joy in my Hospital Visit!

Happy Thursday friends, I'm super glad to be here writing this post this week. I had a bit of a scare earlier in the week when I woke in so much pain that within half hour I was white, pouring with sweat, dizzy, nauseous and suffering with diarrhoea.

To cut a long story short within a short while I was in an ambulance on my way to hospital and some tests and fluids later I was out again with a diagnoses of 'a stonking infection'. I had to love the doctors words!

So this weeks reasons to be cheerful are all around my hospital day!

1.  The NHS - we are so lucky in the UK to access to a health care system that is free for use at any time. Yes for years I've paid in to it with my NI contributions, but I much prefer it that way, than having to worry about how many tests I needed and what that would have cost!

2.  My husband - he is so cool and calm in a medical crisis, it amazes and reassures me no end!

3.  My Dad - my parents are staying this week and it was fab that Dad was able to stay in and receive my shopping order and then pick the kids up from their clubs for a couple of days.

4.  The hospital cafe - when I finally got to eat on Tuesday, I had the best sausage sandwich ever, I was so hungry!

5.  My community - I put a prayer request out to help me get a good sleep on Tuesday night and so many people responded positively and I slept really well and felt so much better on Wednesday

6.  Antibiotics - these are just the business! I can't believe how quick they quick in, but thank the Lord they do.

7.  Jesus - for being with me, always.

A totally unrelated photo but this was taken Saturday on a nice afternoon out with just dh and Miss E,
she also made the joy with stones up above

Now it’s your turn. Over to you, what’s making you cheerful this week?

Oh and don't forget that next week #R2BC will be back with Becky at Lakes Single Mum for October. 

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