Tuesday 18 September 2018

Saving money on your energy bills? Don’t be daunted!

LED lightbulb & coin stack image by Magnetic Mcc, thanks to Shutterstock

With summer now a distant memory, many of us are tempted to turn on the heating and feel a bit of warmth again! Then, not to mention the nights getting darker a lot faster, so we’re seemingly going through lightbulbs quicker than ever! For many of us, using more energy during the winter months is a worrying prospect – energy prices are soaring, and our bills are not only confusing, but also high. 

So, what can you do to make sure you’re making the most of the energy you have? And how can you save money in the long term? Read on for some helpful advice and handy tips on saving money on your energy bills.

Switch to LED lighting
Yes. Replacing your lightbulbs with LED lighting can save you a fortune in electricity bills and also bulbs – check them out here! Traditional energy saving bulbs are great, but many homeowners dislike the dim light they first emit when they’re switched on. LED bulbs are instantly bright, available in a huge range of colours, warmth and styles and use 90% less electricity than traditional bulbs!

If you’re already using LED or energy saving bulbs then make sure that every light is switched off when you leave the room, and make sure everyone in the home applies the same rule!

There’s nothing worse than getting comfortable at home and feeling a draught around your legs or head! To stop heat escaping through gaps you'll need to find the source of the draught and take steps to block it up. For windows and doors that let out heat, consider using draught proof strips around the edges and the frames, and don’t forget a trusty draught excluder for underneath the door.

If you have a chimney or fireplace that you don’t use, and it’s causing a draught, then consider blocking it up with an inflatable pillow, or call in an expert to fit a chimney pot cap. Don’t forget that you can also cover up key holes and letter boxes on an evening to prevent warm air escaping! It’ll stop you cranking up the thermostat and wasting/ paying for extra energy.

Switch up your appliances
It might be unrealistic to replace all your household items with energy efficient models, so instead, consider upgrading your appliances when the ones you have come to the end of their working lives. When you go to purchase a new appliances, check out it’s EU energy efficiency rating as changing your appliance to a more energy efficient one can actually save you hundreds of pounds each year, so it’s a really good investment.

Switch your energy supplier
Yes, it might seem like a long, boring and arduous task but one of the quickest and most instantaneous ways of saving money on your energy bills is by switching your energy supplier. Many of us aren’t even aware of the tariff we’re on which means we could be spending hundreds of pounds that we shouldn’t be. Head over to a comparison site and see how much you could be potentially saving. you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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