Thursday 8 September 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful - I have an Interview!

How does the picture fit the post? Errm, if I get a job, I'll be able to afford more Spanish holidays! lol

What a funny old week it has been, the kids went back to school on Wednesday and due to that I've lost track of all time and days. Never before have I forgotten to get a Reasons to be Cheerful linky post up at Thursday 7am but here I am at near 8pm and I've only just seen a prompt from Often Called Cathy to remind me! Ekk, super sorry friends.

I've been exploring what I should do (workwise) since about May but it had been put to a side for the summer holidays and then earlier this week I wrote a post on my other blog as I was clarifying in my mind what the way forward is for me workwise. I spent quite a bit of time in prayer and came to the decision I was looking for a part-time role out of the home and not at the place where I live. I also realised that satisfaction from my role is much more important than easy money.

So I'll keep my post brief and to be honest there is only one thing that is overshadowing everything else anyway and it is making me smile so much. I have a job interview. An out of the home, proper work interview and I haven't worked (for payment) anywhere since I left the University in July 2013. Yes of course I've been working for myself and volunteering loads of hours over the last three years but this feels really different and very exciting.

The crazy thing is that I only know brief details about the role and the company but what I know is enough to make me feel hopeful. I feel like this job is perfect for me, it is an administration role with an emphasis on organisation and that it right up my street. It is also within the hospitality sector and that is where all my initial training is and I can even see ways I can help this local family business that were not part of what they advertised for. I briefly chatted with one of the owners today and I liked her, you know when you first chat to someone new and you can imagine yourself getting along, well it felt like that.

Am I getting ahead of myself? Yes probably but I don't care, this feels right and if it is the path God wants me to take then I'll perform well at the interview on Monday and by this time next week I will have a new challenge ahead of me.

Wish me luck.......

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