Monday 30 May 2016

Top Recommendations for Netflix Box Set Viewing (UK)

It occurred to me the other day that we have had Netflix for two years now. Never did I think it would last this amount of time and still keep our family interested but it is testament to the turnaround of the programmes and the new material that is put onto Netflix that means we are happy to stick around.

I do love the fact that you get entertainment and films all in one place with Netflix, not like some other subscription TV services where you have to buy multiple bundles. Netflix still proves to be great value at £7.49 per month to be able to watch in HD on 2 screens or there is a bargain option at £5.99 a month for one screen in standard resolution.

The other day it occurred to me that I've not watched a new box set for a while on Netflix and I needed a new recommendation, so I asked a group of bloggers and low and behold they did good and came up with tons of ideas for me, here are just a few -

Mummy Alarm - "I loved binge-watching Gossip Girl. I missed the hype when it first came out, but I was completely hooked after the first episode." Oh yes this is one I have already binge watched too but I'll happily repeat it in a couple of years! lol

Mumsy Midwife - "Pretty Little Liars - I'm addicted and can't wait for the next season." I tried this about a year ago and to be honest it didn't hook me but so many people have recommended it that I might just have to try again.

WitWitWoo - "I've just watched Gavin and Stacey again and annoyingly Series III is missing, But my go to favourite show is The Office" Oh my, should I admit this as a Brit? I've never seen either of those Kate!

Little B and Me - "I'm currently dribbling over Prison Break, I just can't stop watching it for more reasons than one! It is of course a great programme, it just so happens to have beautiful men in it!" I've never tried this, so one for me to give a go!

The Dad Adventurer - "House of Cards, It's awesome! A kind of political thriller with some proper sneaky, sinister characters. Only thing is its not light viewing. It's something you've got to watch properly due to number of characters, American politics chat etc"

Emmy's Mummy - "I'm currently loving Orphan Black. For adults. It's a must watch."  Yep, another one I've watched and easily got hooked into to. So very different to anything else out there.

Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum - "Definitely, the best series of all, Breaking Bad. It gives you a great story, humour, sadness, suspense, terror, family, friendship, and leaves you on the edge of the seat wondering who is the bad guy in it all. Is Walt just a misunderstood man with cancer or is he as evil as 'cooking' makes him?" The trailers have looked gory and put em off but maybe I need to get beyond them.

Bakes, Books and My Boys - "Once Upon a Time - Absolutely fabulous twists on fairy tales. Adult. But I'll never love peter pan again!!"  Never even heard of this, where have I been?

Rock 'n' Roller Baby - "We're currently on Full House at the moment as a family". I love the idea of one I can watch with the kids so this is a fab recommendation, thanks

Progress not Perfection - "For me nothing beats Suits and I am desperate for the next season to be released onto Netflix"

Belle du Brighton - "I'm about to finish binge watching The Good Wife, I'm so addicted I'm even watching in bed on my phone!" I'm pretty sure I'll love this, so one for the future for me.

Max and Mummy - "Ahh it's got to be a toss up between Arrested Development or The League. Both hilarious US sitcoms that are perfect for binge watching!" Nope never watched either of those...

Geek Mummy - "I'm intrigued by True Crime, and found Making a Murderer particularly compelling. Definitely one for the adults."  Nor these, it just shows how much is on Netflix!

A Slice of My Life... Wales - "I'm really enjoying Outnumbered at the moment, it is light hearted and the children are so funny!" Ohh yes, that's another good British one I have forgotten about.

Wow, this could go on for days but I think I have enough ideas there and with my love of law and political dramas it will be a toss up between House of Cards and The Good Wife next but if I'm honest I have to finish Scandal first as I have one season of that left to watch on NOW TV! Lol, I'm everywhere!

Disclosure: I used to be a Netflix StreamTeam member but my time has ended and I'm just posting because I really do enjoy this TV service.
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