Thursday 26 May 2016

#R2BC - Taking Walks, Saying No and NOW TV

Oh my goodness, it is 11.06pm Wednesday night as I write this and I'm supposed to be in bed sleeping as I've been being a good girl with my bed times just recently and it makes such a difference to my day when I get enough sleep. I'm sure the kids can fully appreciate how much calmer and nicer I am when well rested. I truly feel as if my life is in balance at the moment and I have a bit of everything I need. It is a good feeling when you have learnt to accept that you deserve time out and it is OK to say no to people and situations.

But the reason for my typing this so late is one of my reasons to be cheerful. I got to have an impromptu night out with my husband and it was so needed as crap stuff is going on at the moment and it is all-consuming and stressful. We went for a yummy Indian meal and then had a nice long sunset walk along the beach to try and burn off some of the excess calories! Chatting and day dreaming about the gorgeous houses along the beach was a nice break from real life.

In fact these last couple of weeks I have been so much better with my exercise and moving move. My average steps over the last seven days has been 12,327 steps a day and I'm very happy with that. It has been wonderful to get my children and husband out walking with me and I feel confident that we will all keep this up and start to form new habits for life, better and healthier habits that will help us all be physically fit.

As I sit here typing I'm also watching Scandal on NOW TV and I have to admit I am fully addicted to this US box set. Since visiting Washington D.C. in 2014 I love watching programmes about all the goings on in D.C. NOW TV really is a favourite of ours at the moment (shh I do think it has taken over from Netflix) as we love all the SKY channels and being able to watch them live as well as the entertainment and movies on demand too.

Then my last reason for this week isn't too glamorous but it is like a weight has been lifted. I've submitted my self-employed accounts, applied to transfer some of my tax allowance to my husband (do you know about the marriage allowance? if you are a low earner you can transfer £1100 to your spouse/ civil partner and save some money each tax year) and resubmitted our tax credits. All rubbish by necessary jobs that are now out of the way.

Over to you...
It is now your turn. Why don't you write a post and link it up with us? The Reasons to be Cheerful gang have always been a friendly and inclusive group, so if you join in and visit others I know you'll find the same happens for you and if you fancy adding a link or my badge please feel free to do so but no pressure.

If you want to share and tweet use #R2BC and I'll then see it and can share it too.

Wishing you a fabulous week and I look forward to reading your posts. Mich x

Oh and don't forget that it will be June next Thursday so R2BC will be back with Becky at Lakes Single Mum for the month and then arrive back with me again on 7th July 2016.

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