Wednesday 11 May 2016

On Being Bold

Being bold isn’t my everyday prayer but perhaps it should be. It is so important to be able to shout out my love for Jesus and tell of the way my relationship with Him changes my life.

Of course there are ups and downs, things I still need to work on and change but I feel sure that had I continued on my past road of self that I would have been in a very different place right now. Yes, sure I might have had a large house, more money in the bank and abroad holidays but would I have had all this time with my children? Would I really know them in the way I do now? Would I have appreciated every day and looked for the beauty in nature? Would I be volunteering and helping other people? Or would I still have been selfish, had a bad attitude and been too prideful?

Life is better this way for sure and this is only the beginning. I have all of eternity to look forward to….

I don’t want to waste a day, so I need to be bold and as the verse from Proverbs (28:1 NLT) states I need to be connected and Godly to be bold, so this lion wants to repent of her sins and say no more. To do a u-turn and change my ways so I can be bold for Jesus.

The wicked run away when no one is chasing them, but the godly are as bold as lions.

I need to listen to his prompt and act on it.

Get out of self and rely on Him.

Last week when I sang the solo for a performance a group of us did as part of our community day I was bold and brave. I’d not sung alone in front of a crowd for at least a decade but I loved it and it was to glorify God, so it was perfect.

Then the next day I felt God’s prompt again to be bold and I went and prayed with a friend by her house. If I was listening to my inner voice I might have felt silly and not done it but no, I wanted to be obedient and tuned into Him and I could feel the prod, so off we went to pray in public.

I think it is worth taking a risk when you feel the prod is from God and let’s be honest sometimes you start to question yourself, is this me or is this Him and if whatever you are feeling/ thinking aligns with God’s word in the bible and won’t hurt anyone then go for it. Does it mater if you feel a little vulnerable doing it? God can use that.

In fact God can use anything and He loves obedience. So let’s tune into Him and pray for boldness as we can achieve anything when we listen and act.

Mich x

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