Thursday 2 June 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful - Hooray for Half-Term

Hooray for Half-term, we have had lots of fun. In fact as this goes live, we are still away having fun. I hope you've been enjoying the kids being off school if it has been the holidays for you and you still have them young enough to enjoy. If not, then I still pray it has been an enjoyable week.

What have we been up to? All sorts but mostly really enjoying family time and being outdoors.

JJ went to water camp and the rest of us enjoyed a fish and chip supper and a fabulous sunset walk around Rye nature reserve afterwards. Sadly I don't have any photos as my iPhone has gone berserk on me and I'm now waiting out the days until I can upgrade without extra cost. It is infuriating.

Here is a beautiful sunset captured from my front door instead. May is definitely the month for pretty pink and purple skies.

The girls spent the weekend at Camp Miss M and Miss E in our dining room. We were sent some camping equipment to review recently and the girls actual outdoors camp isn't until late July so they are avidly trying it out in all the rooms of our house. We have had camping in Miss E's bedroom, the lounge and now the dining room, which apparently is the best room by far as you can put blankets all over the dining table and make a den too! Add a couple of bean bags and it is perfect to watch the Britain's Got Talent final.

We visited Knole House and Park at the weekend too and boy is it an amazing place. The National Trust have given me some passes to try out some new sites so I'll be writing a full post about it very soon. The highlight had to be the friendly deers though, They are just gorgeous and if they think you might have food for them (we didn't) they will wonder over and let you pet them.

I have to add in a little extra one too, as my weekly Fitbit report just appeared in my inbox as I was typing this. I was stoked to see I walked 95,028 steps last week and that is an average of 13,575 steps per day, not too bad at all!

Reasons to be Cheerful is being hosted over at Lakes Single Mum for the month of June, so head over and see Becky to link up. Don't forget to tweet with #R2BC and I'll be hosting again as of July.

Have a amazing weekend, Be blessed, Mich x

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