Monday 15 April 2013

Memories of Butlins, Minehead, 1987 - Now

Some of you will know that we went to Butlins in Minehead about a week ago, we go every year for Spring Harvest, a big Christian festival and I spend the whole year looking forward to it, it is my best holiday of the year.

While I was there it got me thinking of years gone by and the happy times I have spent at Butlins in Minehead and in fact Butlins everywhere - Bognor and Skegness too.

The first time I visited Minehead was in 1987, aged 14. I remember feeling so grown up, being able to go off for periods on my own and to meet my 'holiday mates'. We would hang around the small arcade/ games area of the clubhouse.  I can recall sharing a bedroom with my 10 year old brother, being very into fashion and taking my handbag everywhere with me and being in the swimming pool every day on this holiday. A packet of crisps and a coke in the evening were the height of sophistication as we watched the comedy act and dancing girls.

I can picture the photos taken from this holiday - in the clubhouse, in the outdoor activity pool, in the indoor leisure lagoon, on the fun fair and in the chalet. I thought I'd have a look today and see if I could find any of those old photos and it seems I have binned some but did retain a couple -

Look at the joy on my face, you would not catch me going on one of those now!

And what a naff copy of a photo but brilliant memories, we met some friends of my parents when we were there. By chance we had all come to the same place at the same time and this made the holiday even more special. My Mum and Dad look so young but then I realised that in this picture my Mum is the age I am now!

Quite a number of years then passed before I went to Minehead again, it is a fair drive from my home. So the next time I visited was in May 2005 with dh and JJ. he was just 19 months old and into everything so Bobs Yard and the outdoor pool were massive hits. It was the day that the sun shone bright and I got to read a book poolside while dh and JJ played that I really remember though -

That and JJ being young enough that we could wrap him up in the buggy and put a blanket over the front and he would sleep through the evening shows so that dh and I could still have our evenings out together.

Again a few years passed before our next visit and then it was 2012 and our visit to Spring Harvest last year.  Another week filled with awesome worship, time spent together as a family, praying, reflecting and having fun. Here is a couple of pictures that I liked of my little ladies and it makes me smile that this year they ran to the same places and asked for pictures again!

Then this year, yet another year that I will happily duplicate. Whilst this holiday was about Spring Harvest and being there for God, Butlins as the venue really is the cherry on the top. I was super impressed with our accommodation this year too and I have reviewed it over on Honest Mummy Reviews, go and take a peek.

Rock on Butlins and Spring Harvest, you do a fabulous job.

Thanks, Mich x

Disclosure: I do have a relationship with Butlins as I am an Ambassador and will be reviewing their new Bognor Regis hotel. However for this break we paid full price but was pleased to receive an upgrade from standard to silver accommodation.
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