Monday 22 April 2013

What did you want to be when you grew up? Win £50 voucher for Letterbox UK

Congratulations to Liz Denial, you are the lucky winner. I have emailed you.  Thanks, Mich x

I find it delightful how children have all these ideas of what they want to be when they grow up. The smallest amounts of time make such a difference.  I recall JJ when he was 3 years wanting to be an underground train driver like 'Underground Ernie' and then wanting to indulge his love of food by being an ice cream man when  he was about 6 years!  Now at the wise old age of 9 years he has decided that the right career for him is as an IT Manager. A very sensible for choice for one so young -we'll see how that pans out!

What about you, what did you desire as a youngster?  I know I thought I might be an artist at one stage, I pondered a career in policing and then fairly young I set my heart on a career in hotels, which was what I did for a number of years.

The gorgeous online toy retailer Letterbox are launching a new range on 1st May - the 'When I grow up' range and it is all about cultivating those early ambitions and letting the little ones act it out and have fun. Make believe and pretending to be an adult are such delights for children.  I adore listening to my twins playing schools and hearing their version of how a teacher should act.

Why not enter the giveaway to win a £50 online voucher for Letterbox and free UK P&P too?

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So who are Letterbox?
The LETTERBOX Collection is full of inspirational ideas for children of all ages. From extra special personalised gifts and traditional children’s toys, to outdoor games and educational books, LETTERBOX is bursting with over 1500 bright ideas, many of which are unique designs you won't find anywhere else. And because they know that what your children play with becomes a huge part of their lives, everything in the range is designed to aid development and learning, right through from babies to pre-teens! A unique mixture of fun, creative and educational products providing everything busy parents need for their active children all year round!

Disclosure:  I was not provided with anything to host this giveaway, sometimes it is just nice to share my good fortune and let my readers benefit!
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