Saturday 20 April 2013

5 things to think about when moving house

I'm a busy girl right now - the pressure is on. It is all good and exciting but I do feel as if I am making lists left, right and centre! Eleven weeks until we move... and the house is just going on the market!

I' thought it might be useful for me to share with you some of the things that you need to think through when moving house -

  1. The first thing you might do is chose your estate agent. I know some people nowadays are brave and just do it themselves but to be honest I'm too busy for that right now. I'd say get 2 or 3 agents to come and see you and don't be surprised if it is the managers who turn up, it is a hard market for them and they have to work hard right now to secure your home. I was amazed that I did not go with the cheapest quote. I went into the negotiation thinking that was my key factor and actually it wasn't, I wanted value on my property is a good time frame. Keep a really open mind and listen to all that they say. I would say go with your gut as well - who was the one you really thought would sell your house for you? That is who I went with and will pay a little more for.
  2. Don't forget to get your house ready to sell. Complete all those little snagging jobs that need doing, buyers can look at a small patch on the ceiling and worry about leaks and humongous damp problems when that was never the case  I say better to not give them any red flags. My husband and I probably spent about 20 hours in total getting our house ready and we are tidy types anyway!
  3. Do you really need everything that is in your house? Are you sure you want to pay someone to move it, removal firms will come and take an inventory so if you are not sure about that old piece of furniture  don't take it I say.  I have been amazed at how much is in my house, I'm a tidy sort, I do charity shop drops frequently and give lots away but I have come to the conclusion I obviously had too much anyway! Thanks Kate at the Five F's who reminded me to de-clutter early in the sale process.
  4. Sourcing new furniture - So if you have decided that you are getting rid of some furniture as there is no point in paying for it to be moved, you might then be in the position like me where you have to source some more. I had a recommendation from the Domestic Goddesque to shop around on ebay, apparently she furnished a 6 bed house that way and I sure it would have been stunning, that lady has good taste.  I don't quite have the time for that so I'm vising the regular retailers like M&S and John Lewis, but do make sure you ask about delivery lead time, as you need to plan that well so the furniture arrives in the early days of moving into your new property.
  5. Don't forget to engage a solicitor and pass their details to your estate agent. I have been amazed at just how expensive it is to use their services. It ranges from about £290 for an internet one to £790 for a local one (we are in Herts). But here is the bit I want to tell you - you can negotiate with solicitors, did you know that?  Am I the only stupid fool who thought they were the one thing you could not negotiate on? We have gone with a good local solicitor (based on past use and recommendation) and got a nice discount.
So that is where I am at right now, still some more sorting to be done and furniture to be ordered but I feel as if we are on track. I'll do another one of these posts to document all the next steps - you know post redirection, engaging removal firms etc etc.

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