Friday 19 April 2013

Everyone loves a bit of BlogLovin - right?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I'm finally facing the fact that Google Reader is going and that I need to do something new to ensure that I can access all the reading material I like and that my readers can still choose to subscribe here and follow me in an easy way.

I was not surprised to find that some of my readers are far more ahead of the game than me and when I went into BlogLovin I already had 93 followers, a lovely little surprise that was!

So here I am claiming my blog as mine and then I'll get myself a nice little subscribe button and say goodbye for Google Friends Connect once and for all.  I'm a bit sad about that if I'm honest as I have loved watching the number rise and rise. I have over 800 people following me that way now and it does make me cheery, I remember when I used to write a post and put an update of my followers and it more than likely said something like 50. Times have changed.

Face up to it Mich and get with the programme.

So can I ask you kind readers to please follow me using BlogLovin or Feedly or I've heard Netvibes is good too. Basically any other reader except Google and iGoogle as they will be gone before the year is out.  Best to get sorted now I say!

Follow on Bloglovin

There is also a good app for your iPhone so you can stay up to date with yoru blog reading on the move.

Next step to sort out my feed and email subscriptions, as they are currently with feedburner and that it rumoured to be going too. Not sure what I'll more to as I don't really want to start paying.... something will come up I'm sure.

If you have any recommendations do let me know.

Cheers, Mich x
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