Thursday 1 December 2011

#R2BC - Week 48. Grateful for 3 Little Words

Week 48 of Reasons to be Cheerful and this weeks guest host is Becky over at Lakes Single Mum.  Pop over and see her, show some comment love and join in.  We would love to see you. I will definitely stop by and comment on all posts this week.

If I say to you '3 little words', what do you think of? My instant reaction is 'I Love You'.  They for me are the most special 3 words that anyone can say and this week I am super grateful for the power of those words.

Minxy Miss M & Mummy

You may have seen me post before about Miss M being a bit of a minx. She is old beyond her years and quite often displays teenage attitude.  I have never seen a 4 year old manage to make so many put-out, bored or aggro faces before but I have found a cure. Yippie!  When she makes a face at me or is rude, I tell her 'but why are you doing/ saying that to Mummy? I love you' and within an instant her face changes to a smile and she puckers up for a kiss - perfect!  The power of I love you, hey?

Then you have Miss E who regularly tells me 'You is the bestest mummy in the whole wide world, I love you' and this just makes me melt.  This child who can be very whingy and demanding knows how to get round me and the best thing it never appears as if she is doing it to get round me.  It is always just spontaneous and quite often seems to be for no real reason at all. I cannot complain.

As I was writing this post yesterday I started to worry about JJ and whether he knew how much I loved him.  I could recall saying it loads to the twinnies but not so much recently to JJ.  Not for any particular reason but just I suppose as he is growing older, more independent and more interested in spending time with Daddy rather than me.  So this morning I said to him 'if someone asked you if your Mum loves you, what would you say?'.  'Of course' was his answer, keen to press in I said 'but how do you know, what does she do?'  I got that same face that I get from his sister that says 'duh Mum' and he replied 'you like say it to me all the time and you do stuff for me too, of course you love me, I'm your special handsome boy'.  Ohh good, worry closed then!

Now I just have to work on remembering to say it more to dh......

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