Sunday 11 December 2011

My Christmas Wishes, those that money can't buy!

So what are you wishing for this Christmas?  Are you expecting a nice treat under the tree on December 25th?  Something sparkly and diamond, a little trip away, a beautiful new coat?  Nope none of those, not me anyway.  There is nothing I need really and sadly we do not have any spare cash so those things that money can buy won't really be coming my way, I'll wait a few more years yet for the next Caribbean holiday or my eternity ring.

Donna at Mummy Central came up with the lovely idea of listing our Christmas wishes, the kind of things that money cannot buy.  She quite rightly says that Christmas has become so commercialised and many of the gifts we give are not what we would truly love to give, or receive for that matter. Then Ruth at Dorky Mum tagged me to join in with this and how could I refuse?

So here are my hearts desires, those things I wish for that money cannot buy or guarantee... but I'll keep praying for them...

  1. That all my babies grow up to be well rounded adults who are content and happy in their own skins.  I do not mind at all what they wish to do or to be when they are older as long as they live their lives to the full and continue to be good people.  I will be so proud.
  2. To be able to do something that really feels as if it is for the good of many others. 'To work for God' is the way I have always verbalised this internal desire.  How I would love to win a few million pounds and then be able to do something wonderful, I am not sure what but it would be something along the lines of building an orphanage, homeless shelter or such.
  3. I would not be being true to myself if I did not add in this totally selfish one!  I want to be slim and healthy and I want to be able to maintain it.  To wake every day and to just eat because it is what we have to do, rather than to plan my day around food would be the most amazing and freeing thing for me personally.
  4. To live by the seaside and to have my parents living close by. Wow, I have this little dream life in my head, where dh has his own business and we work together. Our life allows us to spend tons of family time together and the kids grow up with loads of fresh air and running after my Mum's dog on the beach - sounds divine.
  5. To be able to change myself and grow so that I have more patience and less anger.  I hate that I have a temper and I long to stay calm with my kids, even when all three of them are shouting at me at once.  One day..... 
  6. To have a wonderful chilled Christmas this year, loads of TV watching, cuddling up, playing games and chatting with those I love.  No pressure and no chores!  We decorated our trees yesterday and had a lovley time doign it, I now just need to chill out about the fact that the kids covered theri one in lametta and now my house is covered in it, however much I clear up...    agghhhh....   and breath Mich !
My Tree!

The Kids Tree!
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