Thursday 22 December 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 51 #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Not long now folks - both to the anniversary of #R2BC and to Christmas and a brand new year.  It is going to be an exciting couple of weeks....

So what is making me cheerful this week?  Quite a few things really, read on....
  1. You know I had an interview last Thursday? Well I got the job and I should start at the beginning of February, so that is very exciting.  It is still at my current workplace and I am situated in the same office but with a new team and I will mostly be out training now.
  2. After posting about feeling very down earlier this week I have received loads of calls, emails, tweets and comments from friends old and new wanting to let me know I have their support.  Thanks so much. As per always getting the fact that I feel down out in the open has helped loads and the last couple of days I have felt so much better.
  3. I finished work today and do not go back until 3rd January.  I think this break will be so precious to me and the time with my family will make a massive difference to how I have been feeling.
  4. Our Christmas will be very low key and just the 5 of us.  Originally my family were coming on Boxing Day but my Dad's car has broken and they cannot find a hire car so this now means we will have Christmas and Boxing Day with just us 5 and in true Polyanna style I am turning this sad thing into something good and it means we will all have to relax and play together.  I shopped tonight and have not gone overboard at all, so there will be no cupboards full of goodies to empty when dh and I start the diet after Christmas.
  5. We will not get to go and visit my parents at their house on the 27th Dec and I'll look forward to that.
  6. We had a fabulous little party for the kids on Monday when I was off work.  6 Mums got together and put in £14.50 each and we had a full packed 4 hours fun in a hired hall. It was superb and so much better than buying lots of cheap presents for the kids, we all got to spend time together.
  7. I have started to receive some great offers of giveaway prizes ready for the grand #R2BC anniversary giveaway which will go live on Thursday 19th January. I have 8 prizes promised so far....  watch this space!
I could actually keep going, but 7 has to be enough really!  Over to you.  How is life treating you?  Surely you must have some reasons to be cheerful right now?  Kick off your shoes, relax and forget the hustle bustle of getting ready for Christmas.  Count your blessings now!

If I do not catch you before I wish you a blessed Christmas and I hope 2012 is a special year for you.

Love Mich x

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