Tuesday 29 November 2011

30 Great Things to do on a Bloggy Break

I am supposed to have been on a bloggy break from 21st October to the beginning of December but if we are honest I did not do that well. I keep sneaking onto the PC and posting but the good news is that I have not been pressuring myself and I have not been feeling like I have to come onto the laptop. Isn't it funny that when you take the pressure away you want to do it?

There have been a whole load of days where I have not even turned the laptop on and instead I have done the following things ........
  1. Take the kids to the cinema to see Alpha and Omega, a nice little film in case you wondered.  A wolf version of Romeo and Juliet!
  2. Go to Church and sing my heart out.
  3. Organise a PTA quiz night for school (and make lots of money!).
  4. Cuddle my girls on the sofa covered in blankets all warm and snug.
  5. Go swimming with JJ and have lots of laugh out loud moments.  He sure knows how to take the mick that boy!
  6. Watch cheesy movies on TV like Ghostbusters and Sister Act.
  7. Write blog posts, without feeling obligated to do so!
  8. Go out with a number of different girl friends for drinks, chats and food.
  9. Read the bible and lots of literature from my eating disorders group.
  10. Have early nights.
  11. Play ball with the girls and help to teach them to throw and catch - important skills don't you know?
  12. Walk the dog.
  13. Go to the gym.
  14. Play board and card games with the kids.  JJ is real good at Uno.
  15. Organise a shoe box collection at school and make lots of boxes with the kids.
  16. Talk to my husband.
  17. Visit my parents.
  18. Re-visit my old Church and catch up with good friends.
  19. Attend a Baptism.
  20. Have a date night with my husband
  21. Put cheesy music on the TV and dance with the kids.
  22. Cook a really nice meal.
  23. Make Christmas decorations
  24. Go to the library
  25. Enjoy an al fresco ice cream!
  26. Go tot he children's farm and have a great time as a family
  27. Clean the house top to bottom
  28. Apply for a new job
  29. Mow the lawn
  30. and lastly the one I am most excited about, volunteer at the local YMCA day centre and get to meet a ton of super people who need someone to chat to or a helping hand.

Miss E being confident for the first time to hold an animal

Brother & sister working together for once!

Fun at the park...
I have learnt from the last six weeks that balance and perspective are extremely important when it comes to blogging and I will continue to have complete days or even weeks away from the blog when I want to, as really it won't fall apart without me!

So what have you been up to lately?
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