Sunday 4 December 2011

What will your Christmas Dinner be this Year?

Traditional turkey, duck, pheasant, 4 bird roast or not even a bird, perhaps you are veggie - a nut roast?  The choice is so wide and we have the privilege of making that choice.  The other day whilst having dinner dh and I were chatting with the kids about what they would like to eat on Christmas Day.  Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and maple syrup for breakfast, cooked by Daddy of course have become a bit of a tradition in our house.  This year for lunch we will have traditional turkey with all the trimmings, roast potatoes, green beans, carrots, swede and red cabbage - yum. I am hungry just thinking about this.

But of course, in all honesty, hunger is something I know nothing of it. It makes me quite ashamed when I think about all the posts on this blog about my eating disorder, about my battle with compulsive overeating.  I cannot dwell on it too much as the shame just washes over me and really it is not productive at all.  It does not make me stop eating so much. Sadly the people who need the excess food I eat are no-where near me as I live in a privileged area. I keep on praying and one day I know the miracle will happen for me and I will stop the needless comfort eating.

For now I remember how fortunate I am and I take time to think about all those in the world who are desperate to eat, either because they cannot afford food or because of drought destroying their hope of food growing. I am writing this post today as Molly over at Mothers Always Right has asked me to, let me nick some words from her blog to tell you why -

Save The Children are campaigning to end extreme hunger. They want the UK government to sign up to the Charter to End Extreme Hunger. This Charter calls on governments to take life-saving measures to protect children around the world. So far over 6,000 people have signed it, including me.  Will you sign it too?

Save The Children are now asking people to take the campaign up a level, with their #66Cities project. They want people to champion their cities, write to their MPs and encourage other people to sign the petition.

Molly says that she cannot hope to impact this alone but with other bloggers, we can all do something amazing.  Remember how we all pulled together for Save the Children before? with the #Healthworkers campaign, 164 bloggers wrote posts and linked up, pretty awesome hey?

Here is what Molly suggests we do -

  • Share a picture of your child covered in food eating beautifully on your blog. Then ask your readers to sign the petition asking for David Cameron to support the Charter to End Extreme Hunger.
  • Tweet about it, using the #66Cities hashtag.
  • If you want to, come back and link your post here. I will tweet it too and shout about it a bit (I have a rather loud voice).
Remember, no child is born to die.

I'd love to tag the following people to join in with this and to spread the word further -

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Thanks a lot, Mich x

and these Molly are for you -

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