Thursday 10 June 2010

Notes From The Heart.....

Dear So and So...

Dear amazing bloggers from Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and anywhere else miles away that I have not mentioned.

Months back I saw Brenda as a blog of note and went to visit her, since then I have happily followed her growth and success, in doing this I have met so many amazing bloggers from Oz and NZ.

Also a few months back I visited Kat and this opened up a whole new wealth of US and Canadian blogs for me to visit from her Dear So and So linkys.

I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to come and visit this Brit and sharing your blogger love with me. I probably get just as many non UK comments now as I do UK ones.

You all rock!!! Mich x


Dear House,

You are looking all nice and tidy right now, could you please try and stay like this for at least 48 hours. What, oh it is not you I should be addressing this note to. OK I will ask the kids.

Cheers, Happy House Owner


Hello Mini Me's,

Can the three of you please try and keep Mummy's house looking nice for a while? I find it so satisfying to see it clean and tidy. I know it is part of your job description to wreak havoc but if you all behave nicely Mummy and Daddy will take you to a wedding tomorrow night and you can dance to as much cheese as you like.

Looking forward to it, love you all Mummy xxx

Dear Mich,

Why are you being disobedient at the moment? Come on girl, you were doing really well with your eating. Why have you started to pick at 'no' foods? I do not understand you sometimes woman!!

Angry self!


Dear Readers,

All of you, whether you come from the UK or somewhere else, thanks as always. I am really enjoying blogging right now and you help to make it fun and guess what I wanted to get to 50 followers by the end of June and I now have 53. So me being me I have to up my game and say 60 followers by the end of June. So help me with my little good natured challenge.

Thanks again, Mich x
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