Friday 4 June 2010

Mummy Things That Make Me Smile

Spurred on by reading my friend Ela's Facebook status today, I thought I would share some of the little things about being a Mummy that make it all worth it!

  • My twinnies holding hands and walking along together giggling.
  • JJ waving me off tonight as I left him at camp ‘I’ll really miss you Mummy’.
  • Miss M’s new use of the word actually, for example ‘I am not making a mess actually, Mummy!’ Add you own 2 year old teenager attitude here!
  • Miss E’s joyful giggle as you push her ‘higher, higher’ on a swing.

  • When the bedroom finally goes quiet at night and both babes have fallen safely to sleep.
  • Seeing my little man look so grown up after having his hair cut.
  • Watching dh today with all our children, his love and patience shining through.

  • Hearing my kids showing their good manners. Miss E is the example to the other two and she has a delightful way of saying ‘yes pleeeaasse’.
  • Hearing JJ read to me and watching him trying to use different voices and expressions for the characters.
  • Singing our hearts out on the way home to the most cheesy CD alive. Yes, I thoroughly recommend that if you have young kids you go and buy ELC Pop Party. We were happily doing the actions to Superman and 5,6,7,8!
  • All the kids playing together nicely and giving me 5 minutes peace to read a chapter, jump on the PC or do some housework.

What about you? What are those special things that warm your heart and bring a smile to your face?

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