Friday 18 June 2010

Notes from the Heart... (update on Miss E)

Dear Doctor,

Thank you so much for listening to me today and referring Miss E to the paediatricians at the hospital for a full investigation for her passing out/ fitting when in pain. Thank you also for not making me feel too much of a bad parent as I listened to myself explaining what has been happening and realised I should have bought her to you before now.

A grateful Mummy


Dear Miss M,

Boy was that a tantrum today! WOW WEE to use your own words. You just do not get it, do you? Sometimes we have to be somewhere at a specific time and it is not all about you! Jacob had a swim lesson, which he loves and which cost Mummy and Daddy lots of pennies. I am very glad you conceded to calm down after 20 minutes.

Did you feel you achieved anything by this mass let off of steam??

Still love you Diva, Mummy xxxx


Hey JJ,

Mummy is very proud of you this week. You have tried so hard to be a good boy and to be mindful of your behaviour and your effect on others. Your teacher is also really pleased, your smiley chart at school has been far more happy than sad! Keep up the good work, especially the great progress you are making with your swimming. It won't be long now until you have your appointment at the hospital for your aspergers assessment at the communications disorder clinic.

Love you my big boy, Mummy xxxx


Dear Lisa, Laura and Lorie (the magnificant 3 L's!)

I am on countdown, only 1 hour and 20 minutes until we will be sitting together in the Indian restaurant about to order our scrummy meal. A night out with the girls for good food and chat is just what I need!

Love you all, Mich x


Dear Mum and Dad,

This time next week it will be you here dealing with my rabble and me and dh will be down South having a lovely romantic weekend away together. We are so grateful for this opportunity to spend some time together and just can not wait....

Mich xx


Dear most excellent readers,

You know I keep setting myself little targets to gain followers, well I am now up to 57! Thank you very much, I am nearly at my little target of 60 by the end of June! Just three more to go.

I hope you all have fab weekends, sending you fun and serenity.

Mich x

Dear So and So...
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