Thursday 8 April 2010

Notes from the Heart.......

Dear newly engaged workmates (both of you!),

I have to be honest and say that I am feeling totally envious of your big sparkly platinum set solitaire diamond rings that are far far bigger than mine. I do not know why I am feeling like this but I do realise it is stupid. However let me make this clear, I am so so happy for you both and wish you years of happiness.

From the one who needs to be far less possessions driven!


To the weather,

I love you; it is warm and sunny today, the kids are on the new trampoline and it lifts my heart.

Happy sunny Mich x


To the Spring Harvest Staff,

We can not wait to see you on Sunday, our weeks holiday should be amazing if it is anything like last year. We are so looking forward to this time of family, fun, friends and worship.

All the family xx


To my urge to eat constantly,

Please go away and leave me in peace. I am getting fatter by the day and it is making me feel a bit down. I do feel totally powerless at the moment to get a grip on my eating. I know some of it is outside my control and is situation driven but I am sure some of it is my sick head, saying 'go on, you can have it'.

Shelly welly with the fat belly!


Hiya Kids,

I just want to say thanks for trying hard to behave and play nicely together, I know it is hard when you are all home but Mummy really appreciates you trying hard for her.

I love you all, Mummy xx

PS - JJ that was so cute that you tried to hang my washing out for me this morning, bless you babe.

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