Tuesday 20 April 2010

A week in the life of Mich (babies, nits and bits!)

I have become very slack with my blogging of late, I take a 6 week break and expect to come back to it full of gusto and a million and one posts in my head and instead I am enjoying living my life! Now, that is not to say that those of you who blog lots are not, blogging for you is obviously a more integral part of what makes you happy than it is for me.

So to try and capture some of the things that I have wanted to blog about but have been too busy, here is a week in the life of Mich.... (with a revelation - keep reading!)

Wednesday 14th April
We have been at Spring Harvest (massive Christian festival at Butlins, Skegness) since Sunday and we are all having a ball. JJ is enjoying his kids club, Powerpack and the girls are heading off to their nursery class with no tears or moans - joy! I have been going to the Activist zone each day and we have been discovering what it takes to be a Christian in today's society; our need to be distinctly different but in a good way! The worship here is amazing and I am really enjoying praising God and taking time to be with dh, the kids and God.

I think dh and I have been convinced of our need to find a Church closer to our home when we were asked what was the best thing about the Church we attend and we both struggled to answer that! So the next few months will be a time of exploration to find a new spiritual home where there is a really strong local community feel.

Thursday 15th April
The girls God Parents were also at Spring Harvest on this same week so we met up with them today and it was lovely to have some time catching up and playing with the girls all together. Then in the evening I went to the service with them and really enjoyed the live atmosphere rather than watching the service on the TV which is what I had done the other nights while I looked after the kids and was too pooped to move from the couch!

Friday 16th April
Time to head home today but not before we have our final celebratory service. This was the first time dh and I had some alone time together this week and it reminded me that I missed being out with him and enjoying his company. I was pretty over whelmed at this service and found myself singing my heart out to 'Glorious' and 'Faith is rising' while booing my eyes out! Not because I was sad but it felt like a real release, I think I was touched and filled with the Holy Spirit (probably too much info for any non Christians reading - freak alert!, believe me that was what I used to think, lol).

Saturday 17th April
This could be named the weekend of washing and ironing! I did at least 12 loads of washing and ironed it all over Saturday and Sunday nights, which felt good afterwards but already the rail is re-filling itself again! agghh

We decided that it was a luxury to have dh home on a Saturday and the weather was fantastic so we should not waste it. At St Albans Cathedral we had a picnic and then headed to see the ducks and for a play in the park. After a tad of shopping it was time to head home but we all had a lovely family day together and for absolutely minimal cost.

Sunday 18th April
Church this morning as I was on creche, the girls protested about going as they wanted to go to the 'big holiday church', it was great to hear they had such a fab time at Spring Harvest too.

We had a nice relaxing day really with Church, lunch cooked by my mother in law and another trip to the park.

Monday 19th April
Busy day!! Back to work which I was not at all looking forward to as we have a new HR system coming into play and we are starting to parallel run but seeing as it has not been properly tested we are also testing at the same time. Complete balls up is the best way to describe it!

I was happy to have a lunchtime appointment for my booking in appointment with the midwife. Yep I am pregnant again! Whoops, how did that happen? Well of course I know but I had stupidly convinced myself that God did not want dh and I to have any more kids and that three really was enough! not so, number four is on its way (well I pray it is only number four and not four and five, there is about a 1 in 12 chance of me having twins again!). Roll on 6 May when I have my scan and will know how many babies I am currently cooking. So I am about 10 weeks pregnant and my due date is about mid November but this could all chance as I really can not swear that I even had a period in February. I had got so busy and pre-occupied that I forgot to track it! So now I have revealed the real reason why my blogging has been so poor since being back after Lent - I have been knackered, feeling sick and wanting to talk about my PG. You may never get me off here again now! lol

After returning to work for just half hour I then get the call I always dread - the nursery. 'Oh what now?' I am thinking. This time Miss E has head lice - err my gorgeous babe with the beautiful hair and then I realise I have been scratching too - yuck. I leave work immediately and luckily dh is home with JJ so I drop the girls home and £20.50 later I return from the chemist (how expensive is it to have nits nowadays????) and treat us all to some lovely oily treatment. I am still not convinced everything is gone but the nit comb shows no signs of the nasties and it will become my best friend from now onwards. I will be 'Nitty Nora' checking the kids each week.

A word of warning to those unwise people like me, Headrin stains your clothes. JJ's and my tops could be heading for the bin!

Not content with my eventful day so far I venture out to meet the ladies from my Church House Group. It is a social so basically I stuff my face with nice munchies and we have a good laugh playing a quiz game called Buzz on the PS3 - what fun!

So there you have it, a week in the life of me, never boring!
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