Thursday 29 April 2010

Bathtime from hell, my awful night

Ohh it all kicked off last night. Things were fine during the day, I ended up enjoying my time to myself and got loads done towards planning the garage conversion. Then off I went and picked up JJ, the girls and dh and came home and all was fine until about 6pm when I started to get some period like pains.

It was nothing too much at first, so I took some paracetamol at 6pm and at about 6.20m dh went off to lead cubs and I was happy for him to go out. By about 6.45pm I needed to get the girls to bed and I was in agony, I wanted to cry, I could hardly move and I had these two little princesses who were not being naughty by any means but wanted to have fun and play with Mum, I just could not deal with it. I was so proud of how I kept my calm and explained Mummy was very poorly and they needed to help me by doing as they were told - what beauties, it was as if they understood at 2 3/4 years that this was serious and they needed to listen. So I got them bathed and into PJs and read one story and had to ask JJ to read the other as I had to head to the loo for the first of many, many trips. JJ was a trooper and read to them and then got himself showered and joined me on my bed ('Mummy why are you lying on that towel?') and read me a story, in between my 7 trips to the loo in the space of about 20 minutes.

Dh came home about 8.20pm to find me on the bed in agony and hardly able to talk. I felt sick as a dog and could not get a comfy position. I missed all the TV I wanted to watch last night as I just could not concentrate. The sweats came and went and I was convinced I would pass out at any time. I forced myself to eat a slice of toast to help with the sickness and at 9pm I called the hospital to see if I could take mefanamic acid as the paracetamol had just not touched the pain. Thankfully they said yes and by 10pm the pain was subsiding and I managed to fall asleep. I had a night of up and downs to the loo but at least I could sleep in between.

I was up early this morning to have finished my breakfast by 7am in case I need the operation later. I am now nil by mouth until about 4pm this afternoon. It might be that I do not need the op though as I have now passed an awful lot naturally. Apparently the pain I was feeling was my uterus contracting, now I think thank goodness I have never given birth vaginally if it hurts like that.

So today is starting a much better day, I can talk and think and move without too much pain - yay. Thank you lord.

Thanks also to all the lovely people leaving me comments or texting me with well wishes.
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