Tuesday 15 September 2009

Kiddie Update

My babies are no longer babies! boo hoo If I was to ask them, they would tell me 'my a big girl!'.

The girls are now practically 26 months -

E has turned into a Mummy's girl and constantly asks 'Mummy coming', this is a real turnaround. She is still very sweet natured and has the most gorgeous glossy strawberry blond hair, in a Purdy (think Avengers) style. She is petite and very dainty. Often found crying or whinging as JJ has been too rough or M has stolen a toy from her. Give her a box of make believe toys and she would sit there for ages and play without a care in the world, happy with her own company. E has taken to mothering M and when M is crying she will come over and stroke her.

M is quite different - loud and vivacious, she is a female JJ. The most stunning white blonde hair which is all flyaway and quite messy but cute. She loves constant attention and wants everything that everyone else has, especially her twin. Her doll is her favourite at the moment, feeding it, changing nappies, pushing in the buggy etc etc. She is also often found wearing my shoes, a definite shoe fetish in the making.

JJ seems so grown up now. Just a few weeks away from being 6, we see a bit of attitude at times but a gentle word reminds him he is a child and he apologises and steps back in line. Being too tired can send him over the top and a crying hissy fit can emerge but again within a short time he is back to his loving self. School always describe him as a gentle giant, clumsy but very caring. He has a fab imagination and loves to do crafts and cookery. I really enjoy spending time with him and Saturday nights with X factor and popcorn is a feature for our house, then at other times of the year it is hi and Dad watching Doctor Who or Robin Hood together in bed and having some time together. JJ has just started Beaver and dh is helping to lead it, they are both enjoying themselves together and long may it last. I love seeing my husband being such a fab Dad to our kids.
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