Saturday 19 September 2009

Quick update

I really need to go to is late and there is football playing in the background! arrgghh how did that happen?

As the title says I wanted to do a quick update. At ED on Thursday I asked one of the ladies to be my food sponsor and I text her my food plan each day and have to tell her when I go off track. It is helping so far. I feel far less obsessed today and have not been picking. So many times today I have remembered not to eat just for the sake of it, or without thinking. Last night I went out to the pub and avoided wine and crisps all night - I was very encouraged by that too.

GLORY TO GOD! for it is him doing it, rather than I.

I pray this continues and I can start to be healed of this disease and start to loose some weight and become more healthy and less of an obese death trap.
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